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For over 75 years The Espoma Company has been the leading manufacturer and marketer of natural and organic based plant foods for the lawn and garden industry. Our brands, including Holly-tone, Plant-tone and Rose-tone, are recognized by professional and amateur gardeners as the finest, safest, and most reliable plant foods available. We invite you to use our web site as a resource for product, company and helpful gardening information. And please come back often, as we are constantly updating our site.

Lebanon Turf

ProScape 19-2-9 with Confront NR, a weed and feed that actually works! Our labor saving fertilizer combination product is perfect for controlling unwanted weeds when you'd rather leave the sprayer behind. Confront provides excellent control of many common turf weeds even when applied to dry foliage. Difficult weeds like Clover are a cinch to control. Formulated on a high quality homogeneous fertilizer containing methylene urea slow release nitrogen for excellent long term feeding and control product distribution. New label for nonresidential use only.


PRO-MIX 'BX' is a "general purpose" peat-based growing medium with vermiculite and perlite, used for the cultivation of a wide variety of plant species. This complete mix is lightweight, uniform and blended to the highest degree of consistency to ensure maximum plant performance. You can choose between the different formulations below and find the product that best suits your needs.

Green Mount

Green Mountain Mulch is a family owned business that has been producing and packaging mulches since 1978. We sell both bulk and bagged mulch wholesale, and deliver product with our own fleet of trucks as well as with outside carriers. Over the past several seasons we have taken on several other product lines to help diversify our customers' inventory dollars. We have added peat moss, soil, composts, planting mixes, manure, and high-quality cedar barrel planters.

Frey Brothers, Inc.

Frey Brothers, Inc., located in the rural community of Quarryville, (Southern Lancaster County), Pennsylvania, is a family-owned business. Since 1959 Frey Brothers, Inc. has been building and improving some of the strongest cattle and horse equipment on the market. We provide a complete line of gates, chutes, feeders, porta-corals for all types of livestock. Frey Brothers, Inc., was also in the logging and timber sawing industry. With the by-product from this material we started in the mulching business in the early 1980's. In 2001 we added a computerized blending system to produce greenhouse and nursery mixes. Using their expertise Frey Brothers produces quality products. In this website you will find all the information you need to purchase mulch/soil products (wholesale only), greenhouse/nursery mixes (wholesale only), as well as, cattle and horse equipment
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