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Payment Options

Automatic Oil Delivery

Our customers have the opportunity to enlist in our automatic delivery service to eliminate the concern for your next refill. With this system, customers won't have to record their fuel level in their storage tanks, or concern themselves with calling us when they believe their supply is shortening. We integrate our degree-day delivery system, to precisely forecast your next oil demand- ensuring that you are never empty. This arrangement will work in conjunction with our service contracts.

The payment options we can arrange are:

House Charges:

  • $0.02/10 net 30 ($0.02 off/gallon if paid within 10 days)

Budget Plan:

  • 11 equal monthly payments
  • Spreads your heating costs evenly, so you're not burdened by heavy winter bills
  • Earn budget bonus on credit balance
  • Include your service plan and spread the cost


  • Pay your winter fuel consumption in advance
  • We will provide a discounted accordingly


This program is designed for customers who want to call when they desire their next delivery. The customer must monitor one's fuel level and rate of consumption in order to delegate the next appropriate delivery date. Since will-call restricts customers from purchasing either of the comfort plans, we recommend you consider the automatic delivery option for our full service.


Simple. You give us greenbacks, and we'll give you our oil! OR cash, check, discover, mastercard, visa or call to discuss various Home Energy Assistance Checks

Other Special Price Arrangements

Need a break, talk with us. Industry restrictions apply. Special oil comfort programs priced to meet your desires. Call for details

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