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What is R22 Freon and How Does that Affect Me?

If your air conditioner was installed before 2010 and you don’t know what R22 Freon is then keep reading. Freon (also called refrigerant) is what keeps the air from your air conditioning system cool (unquestionably, it’s very important). Most residential air conditioning units older than 10 years predominantly use an AC refrigerant called R22 Freon; however, this refrigerant was introduced in the 1950s and now has been realized negatively affect the Earth’s ozone layer.

That’s not cool. Because of this, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, along with other agencies and groups, began a mandated phase-out of R22 Freon along with many other ozone-depleting agents.

Production of R22 Freon Prohibited

By the beginning of 2010 the production and importing of R22 was prohibited. But a loophole existed that includes current equipment as an exception. The production and import was ended, but R22 was still available to use and sell until January 2015. What now? R22 is no longer manufactured in North America but NJ residents can get recycled R22 to service existing HVAC systems.

How Does the R22 Phase-Out Affect Me

If your heating and air conditioning system was built after January 2010, the EPA Freon rules and regulations may not apply to you.

If your HVAC equipment was installed prior to January 2010, (if it’s older than 10 years), you have a couple options to consider:

1) Your best option is to  purchase an upgraded, eco-friendly HVAC system, which uses the approved air conditioner Freon. A new HVAC will also be more efficient and give you superior comfort, helping to lower your energy costs.

2) Call the cooling professionals at Lawes to replace the parts in your current AC system; helping to make it compatible with approved AC refrigerant. (This is not recommended because it could void your warranty). This is a temporary fix and could be less expensive than a new air conditioner up front, but investing in a new, upgraded AC system will benefit New Jersey homeowners in dependability, satisfaction, and long-term comfort and savings.

3) Continue using recycled air conditioning R22 Freon until 2020. Be aware though that the cost for R22 has increased because of a little thing called supply and demand. It will no longer be available for use at all by 2020

Contact Lawes Home Comfort Specialists

While making the switch to an approved AC refrigerant may be confusing or frustrating, rest assured, you’re not just saving the environment but you’ll be saving money, too. If you aren’t sure what type of AC refrigerant that your home air conditioning system uses, our home comfort specialists can help. Contact us now to schedule an inspection to confirm if you are currently using R22 Freon and, if so, which alternative works best for you.

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