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Is Your HVAC Equipment Pest-Proof?

image of pest and hvac maintenance costAs you probably know, there’s a handful of critters out there looking to invade your house. While these pests can use various ways to get inside your home, it’s not often that you’ll think of your HVAC system as a potential entry channel.

That’s right,  animals ranging from bedbugs to rodents can find their way inside, wreak havoc on your heating and cooling equipment, and, in turn, greatly diminish your indoor air quality. To avoid facing such a nightmare, why not equip yourself with HVAC maintenance tips for minimizing your equipment’s vulnerability to pests? In this article, we will discuss some tips that will help you keep those pests at bay.

Keep It Dry

Since all animals need water to survive…

its presence around your AC system increases the risk of drawing pests. The only way you’re going to control moisture is to check the unit regularly. This way, you’ll be able to spot moisture as soon as it starts accumulating, thus minimizing the likelihood of puddles forming around the equipment. Also, be sure to schedule regular tune-ups to ensure that your system is working correctly.

Seal Air Ducts

Improperly sealed air ducts can provide entry points for pests. To prevent this, inspect the system’s exterior to see if there are any openings that animals can squeeze through. Tightly seal any gaps to limit your potential pest damage. Ask your HVAC technician to inspect your air ducts when you schedule a tune-up.

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Install Air Vent And Flue Covers

HVAC air ventAir vents are vital in optimizing the performance of HVAC equipment. While it’s important to keep these channels open, doing so creates potential pathways for pests looking to get in. The only way to solve this dilemma is to install screens or special coverings over the vents. Your HVAC expert can recommend which coverings work best and install them for you.

Invest In Additional Safeguards

The fact that your HVAC system’s exterior module lives outside means it’s basically a magnet for pests.

Rodents are notorious for causing the most damage, but this doesn’t mean that other critters are harmless. So keep the area around your exterior unit devoid of anything that could attract animals. Also, consider installing a fence, as this is the only way to eliminate the risk of infestation completely. As a rule of thumb, leave at least a couple of feet between the fence and your equipment to maintain proper airflow.

Eliminate Them

Pesticides can be of immense help in your control strategy, as long as you use them correctly. This means spraying pesticides over the area surrounding your unit on a regular basis. Of course, make sure you get the right products. Just to clarify, never use pesticides that contain poisonous ingredients near your AC unit, especially close to the air ducts or venting system. This way, you’ll be avoiding the risk of toxins finding their way indoors, where they could cause critical health issues for your household. The best approach is to hire a professional pest control company to spray your home to prevent pests in the first place.

Conduct Inspections

Performing check-ups on a regular basis are part and parcel of proper HVAC maintenance.

Arrange for a service visit by a qualified technician. Schedule a tune-up in the fall for your heater and in the spring for your air conditioner. The technician will use a comprehensive HVAC maintenance checklist to tune up your system, which is vital in upholding its performance. A professional check also guarantees that they will detect and address any weak spots, thus minimizing the risk of pests getting in.

All in all, proper maintenance is vital in keeping pests from accessing your house via the HVAC unit. Whether it’s insects or rodents, animals will always look for ways to get inside your home as they search for shelter and food. It’s also worth mentioning that the lack of proper maintenance is what causes most infestations. So, don’t neglect your job as the homeowner. Besides keeping up with your maintenance tasks, make sure you schedule a regular service visit by an experienced HVAC maintenance company near me.

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While you’re at it, why not let Lawes Company take care of your HVAC maintenance? Our team consists of highly-trained technicians, all of whom have NATE certifications and experience.

Their expertise means they have what it takes to inspect your system, clean it to maintain optimal performance and, most importantly, ensure that animals won’t use it to get into your home.

You can count on us to provide you with the best prices when it comes to the furnace and air conditioner tune-up cost. We also offer a wonderful range of HVAC preventive maintenance contracts. Just get in touch with one of our specialists today. We will gladly take the time to answer any questions that you have about your heating and cooling system.

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