Maintenance Tips For Outdoor Oil Tanks In The Winter Season

oil tank in winterStaying on top of your oil tank is not a labor-intensive undertaking; homeowners just need to check it periodically. Also, not only should you check your tank from time to time but you should also call a heating company to schedule a professional inspection. It is best to schedule an oil tank inspection during the summer when oil levels are typically lower than usual. However, if you missed scheduling a tank inspection during the summer, it is better to schedule one late than not at all.

The best aspect of checking a tank is that homeowners can avoid any issues that are associated with a damaged or aging tank. Likewise, they will ensure that their tank performs optimally.

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Maintenance Tips For Outdoor Oil Tanks In The Winter

By periodically checking your tank, you can avoid the issues that come with a damaged tank. It is especially important to ensure that your tank is in good condition during the winter. The winter weather is harsh and can wreak havoc on a tank if you do not care for it correctly. Below are some tips on how to care for your oil tank in the winter:

Secure Your Oil Tank With A Lock Or An Alarm

It is common for fuel theft to happen during the winter season. Therefore, to protect yourself against becoming a victim, investing in an alarm or tank lock would be a wise decision.

Ensure The Oil Tank’s Lock Has Not Rusted

If you infrequently refuel, it is imperative to check the tank lock to make sure that it has not rusted over. The lock should also be oiled regularly to prevent rusting. Also, if the delivery driver cannot access your tank when you schedule an oil delivery, the delivery might have to be rescheduled for a later date.

Check For Oil Leakage From Your Tank

oil tank inspectionChecking for oil leakage is tremendously essential. You should check the base and body of the tank, the valves and the pipes. Ensure they are not broken or cracked, as the cold weather could cause these problems to worsen very quickly.

It is also essential to check for leaks on the casing or the foundation, which is typically made of concrete. A solid foundation will significantly contribute to keeping the tank safe. Also, having an oil spill kit with sorbent material, leak-sealing putty and drain blockers is good to have around in case a leak is discovered during a check. An oil leak could result in severe consequences for the home and the environment alike; therefore, it is essential to inspect your tank frequently.

Refill Your Oil Tank While There Is Fair Weather

As a result of the fickleness of the weather, it is recommended that the tank is refilled before the snowfall since even a light dusting could create conditions that hinder deliveries. Also, heating oil prices are much more affordable during this time.

Check The Parts Of Your Heating Oil Tank

Experts recommend regularly checking components of the oil tank like alarms, valves, gauges, and pipes. Each manufacturer provides a manual with the equipment; therefore, individuals should read it thoroughly for optimal efficiency and other long-term benefits.

Monitor The Consumption Of Your Fuel Oil

home fuel oil delivery serviceThe quantity of consumed oil shows the capacity of the tank to keep members of the household warm and comfortable. As a result, it is necessary to pay close attention to oil consumption. If you use more than usual, it is an indication that something abnormal is going on with the tank. Additionally, leaving the tank to run low or become empty could result in sludge buildup in your fuel lines. Also, a high level of sludge leads to blocked filters, which entails expensive HVAC repairs.

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Look Out For Any Potential Blockages To Your Tank

To prevent blockage, the surroundings should be free of plants and other debris that could clog the path of the fuel. Also, the gauges, vents, and access points should be free of dirt or debris that could disturb the oil flow. It is also crucial for the casing to be free of plants and garbage. Essentially, keep your tank clean and make sure that you clear any debris, vegetation or dirt.

Watch For Signs Of Damage On Your Fuel Tank

Among the most critical methods of inspecting an oil tank is searching for rust, discoloration and large cracks, bulges or dents. If there is any sign of these issues, it is time to call in an expert right away.

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