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Lawes Company is your Jersey Shore home comfort specialist.

Heating Services

Lawes Company will keep you and your family warm, comfortable and safe all winter long. Our service technicians are expertly trained on all major brands of heating equipment. We install the industry's best systems with exceptional efficiency ratings and comfort!

Central AC Services

Central air conditioning systems to ductless cooling, we handle it all! Stay cool and comfortable all summer long with Lawes Company's AC services. Do you need a new or upgraded air conditioning system? No worries, we've got you covered!

Fuel Delivery

Rest assured knowing that your fuel delivery is in good hands with Lawes. We deliver heating oil to homes and businesses within our delivery area. Learn more about our payment plans and online ordering capabilities. Friendly, quality fuel delivered promptly!

Backup Generators

Are you prepared for an electrical outage? Lawes Company sells and installs automatic standby home generators. Get peace of mind knowing that you have electricity at home, regardless of what is happening in your neighborhood.

Why choose Lawes Company?

  • Four generations since 1926.
  • Family owned and surrounded by loyal, friendly, knowledgeable and customer oriented staff.
  • Oldest country store in Shrewsbury that dates back to the 1800’s carrying everything needed to serve the community.
  • Our technicians are constantly continuing their education to bring you the most efficient way to heat or cool your home.
  • Excellence. Quality. Trust.

Awesome Holiday Service

All I can say is that the guy who calls his service manager on Labor Day 15 minutes after a request and gets the client’s appointment squared away for the next day is running a good shop :). Tom was great. Thank you, you’re top of list for all the HVAC service contracts on our new house.

by Andrew Fox

Great Furnace Repair

We recently had an issue with our furnace and called Lawes. They were responsive, professional and fixed the problem quickly for a reasonable price. We would highly recommend them if you are looking for an HVAC contractor. It nice to have a local business that does a great job.

by R Acebal on Google

Very Accommodating

Very accommodating and responsive whenever I have issues with my equipment, regardless of how busy they might be. My “go to” company for service.
by David Shaheen on Google



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Case Studies

Sometimes, it is best to view prior jobs performed by a contractor to get a sense of what they can do for you. Here is a library of case studies highlighting specific heating and air conditioning jobs that Lawes has performed.

Shrewsbury Ductless AC Installation

Shrewsbury Mitsubishi Installation

Commercial HVAC System Replacement In Millstone


Freehold HVAC Replacement

Schrager HVAC System replacement

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10 Benefits of Installing a Home Generator

May 20, 2024

Power outages disrupt daily life and pose risks to safety and comfort. Whole-house generators offer a reliable solution, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during blackouts. Beyond convenience, they safeguard perishables, maintain home security, and support medical needs. With increasing climate-related disruptions, investing in a generator becomes a vital choice for homeowners.

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Why Ductless Air Conditioner System Is Key To Cooling Your Basement 

May 13, 2024

Ductless air conditioning systems offer an ideal solution for cooling basements, overcoming challenges like limited space and airflow issues. These systems provide efficient, customizable cooling, with benefits including compact design, energy savings, enhanced air quality, and easy installation. Ductless units offer long-term savings, minimal maintenance, and advanced features for your optimal comfort.

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AC Capacitor

Air Conditioner Capacitors: What They Are & Why They Matter

May 6, 2024

AC capacitors are energy sources for system motors that are essential for efficient operation. Despite their size, they play a significant role in cooling homes. Understanding their function is crucial for homeowners. Failure can disrupt HVAC operation, leading to discomfort and increased energy costs. Professional maintenance ensures efficiency, warranty validity, and peace of mind.

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