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Fuel Delivery and Refilling

Lawes Company has been serving customers premium fuel with reliable service since 1926. Lawes’ full-service oil distribution is one of the wisest and most comfortable investments you can make for your home today!

  • Heating Oil Delivery
  • Diesel (On and Off Road) Delivery
  • Kerosene Delivery
  • Propane Refill Station

Professional Fuel Delivery Services

With our reliable team, you can count on Lawes Home Comfort Specialists to keep you comfortable and warm this winter season. And our fuel is of the highest and cleanest (low-sulfur) quality around, so you know you’re making the best decision. The fuels at Lawes extend beyond exclusively oil; we can deliver:

  • Heating Oil
  • On-road diesel
  • Off-road diesel
  • Kerosene
  • Propane (non-transport, refill station only)

Traditional Full Service and Automatic Oil Delivery

Heating Oil Budget Plans

Do you like to have a predictable monthly utility bill? A budget that takes your winter heating expenses and spreads them out over the entire year? If so, the Lawes Budget Plan is for you!

Our Budget Plan is designed to spread your annual heating expenses over many months. Prior to the heating season, we determine what is a fair average price of oil for the upcoming heating season and calculate your monthly budget expense. Your heating oil is automatically delivered and billed to your budget account. Painless and no worries!

Oil Pre-Buy Plans

If you anticipate that the price of oil may climb this heating season, our Pre-Buy Plan is a great option for you! The Lawes Pre-Buy Plan is only available to our automatic delivery oil customers. This plan is designed to allow our customers to protect themselves in the event of rising fuel costs. In this plan, you make a single payment, prior to the start of the heating season, for the gallons you need throughout the entire season. Lawes delivers oil automatically when needed. The minimum amount of oil we will store for each individual Pre-Buy customer is 300 gallons.

Price Cap Protection or Fixed Price Plan

Do you want protection from rising fuel prices but also want the benefit of capturing savings if oil prices drop this season? If so, the Lawes Price Cap Protection Plan is for you! If the price of oil drops below the price cap pricing, you are charged for the current price of oil. If the price of oil moves higher than your contractual price cap, you only pay the price cap amount. This plan protects you against spikes in oil prices but gives you the savings of lower oil prices. Customers on this plan will be placed on a monthly budget and will be charged a small fee to enter into this contract.

Do You Prefer To Manage Your Own Heating Oil Deliveries?

Lawes Company offers discount, heating oil. Place your orders online, 24/7.

Lawes Company offers home heating oil pricing to accommodate every budget and level of service that New Jersey consumers desire. Click the button below to get current oil prices and start your online heating oil ordering experience. Online registration is fast and easy. Simply go through the steps to purchase your heating oil online, and your next delivery will arrive at your home or business before you know it!

After going through the registration process one time, you’ll have the convenience of being able to purchase future heating oil orders from your computer or mobile device in just four simple clicks. Our goal is to make online oil ordering simple, fast and enjoyable!

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Need Help Now? Call Us: