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About Lawes Company

We provide fuel delivery, HVAC, home backup power generators and lawn equipment services to home and businesses in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, New Jersey.

The Lawes' Philosophy…."We have a family business run like a family business – that’s how we retain employees and we treat our customers the same way."

Early History

In 1865, Colonel Edmund T. Williams erected a blacksmith and wheelwright shop on the property where Lawes Coal Company NJ currently resides. Ten years later, in 1875, the building unfortunately burned to the ground. Motivated to resurrect his abated business, Colonel Williams built the present structure that is now occupied by Lawes. In 1889, Charles Hurley purchased the property from the Colonel Williams estate. George Silver Sr., a manufacturer of “Mavis” talcum powder, then attained the property in 1920 to establish a work environment suitable for blending his raw oils imported from France.

In 1926, Donald E. Lawes Sr., and Frank B. Lawes leased the property, and created the Lawes Coal and Supply partnership; they operated for two years, and in 1928 cultivated their brand into Lawes Coal Company, Incorporated. Interestingly, during that same year, the two businessmen rented a part of the building as a distribution center for Hellmann’s Mayonnaise.

Our History

Since 1926, Lawes Coal Company, has been owned and managed by four succeeding generations of the Lawes family. Presently, brothers Donald E. Lawes III, and William D Lawes Sr., run the business they associated with during the 1970’s. Both Donald III, and William were delegated the family business from their father, Donald Jr., who had supervised the organization since the 1940’s.

In its developing years, Lawes Company delivered coal as a source of fuel, but as heating oil became a more prominent resource for comfort, the delivery of coal lineally regressed. The needs of the community transitioned forward, and so did Lawes by revolutionizing its long history. Contrary from its earlier years, coal and animal feed became less of a staple, while heating oil emerged as the company’s primary product. Nowadays, to be competitive, Lawes has expanded towards supplying diesel fuel, kerosene and propane.

For most of Lawes’ long history, the company has had a dependable service department that installs, repairs, and maintains oil-fired heating units. Maturing with the community, Lawes has also added air-conditioning sales and repair, as well as gas-fired installations, and servicing for your home or business. If you are exploring the opportunity of removing your current oil tank, please contact Lawes Environmental Services, LLC at (732) 530-4333. Also, Lawes maintains an extensive lawn and garden equipment inventory: including everything from fertilizer, grass seed, and mulch… to shovels, and hedge trimmers; service and sales of power equipment, rideable lawnmowers, and small tractors have also been incorporated into these departments.

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