What To Check When Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

Air conditioning unit has stopped working

Air conditioners keep our homes comfortable during the hot summer months. Unfortunately, some homeowners might suddenly find that their AC won’t turn on. This situation can be more than inconveniant on a hot summer day. This article includes a few tips on how to troubleshoot your air conditioning system when it doesn’t operate as expected.

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What Should Your Air Conditioner Smell Like?

image of a homeowner plugging nose due to air conditioner smells

If there’s a foul smell coming from your air conditioner, this is an indication of problems and they should be checked right away. Find out about the different smells that an AC can produce, what causes them, and how to deal with them. This article offers information on the common causes of AC odors.

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Can You Replace Just The Outside AC Unit?

image of an air conditioner replacement

Although air conditioning systems are durable, they eventually reach the end of their expected lifespan. A major component may fail, requiring a system replacement. Many homeowners tend to ask if they can replace just the outside AC unit when this is the component that is malfunctioning. In this article, we discuss this further in depth

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What Does An Air Conditioner’s SEER Rating Actually Mean?

image of home efficiency chart depicting air conditioner seer rating

The SEER rating is one of the most important aspects to consider when looking for an air conditioning system. It determines how efficient your HVAC system regarding its energy consumption and your home comfort. Therefore, the SEER rating should be taken seriously. In this article, we discuss more on this topic.

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How Does My Air Conditioner Work?

image of air conditioner refrigerant

Early civilizations might consider our ability to control our environment as being downright magical. In truth, however, it’s the smart application of scientific knowledge. Have you ever asked the question, “How does an air conditioner work?”, if so, then read this article to learn more about how your modern AC system funtions.

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Air Conditioner Noises To Be Aware Of

image of a homeowner covering ears due to AC unit making noise

In most cases, the noises that the air conditioning unit generates may be a sign that your A/C unit is not working as it should. It is usually due to a malfunctioning component or components. In this article, we discuss some of these noises and what they usually indicate.

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How Many Zones Can A Mini-Split Have?

mitsubishi heating and cooling system

Central air conditioners can waste a lot of power since they provide conditioned air to rooms that do not require a lot of cooling or heating. Therefore, switching to a ductless mini-split heat pump might be better to achieve enhanced efficiency. This article discusses some useful information about ductless mini-split systems.

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HVAC Allergies: How To Get Rid Of Pollen From Your Home This Spring

image of a homeowner experiencing allergies

Millions of Americans deal with allergies every year. Fortunately, you can tackle this problem by changing a few habits. For example, did you know that your HVAC system can help remove allergens from your home? This article discusses how you can turn your heating and cooling system into a proactive health ally.

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Modulating Air Conditioner: Effective Temperature & Humidity Control

image of a modulating air conditioning unit

Variable-speed air conditioners have benefits such as intelligent energy use and steady performance, among other things. The units are designed in such as way that they regulate temperature more efficiently and they also lessen humidity for more comfort. Keep reading this article for more details on the modulating air conditioner.

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Are Pests Using Your HVAC System To Get Into Your Home?

image of cockroaches in hvac system

While pests can use various ways to enter, it’s not often that they’ll think of your HVAC system as an entry channel. These pests can find their way inside, wreak havoc on your HVAC equipment while diminishing your indoor air quality. This article discusses some tips that will help you keep those pests at bay.

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