Automatic Oil Delivery

Automatic Home Heating Oil Delivery

Rest assured that you will not run out of oil this winter with Lawes Company's Automatic Heating Oil Delivery options. Each of our automatic delivery plans is catered to meet our customer's specific needs.

Contact one of our fuel oil delivery specialists to identify which automatic oil delivery program best suits your needs and budget. Call us today.

Lawes Company Delivers Heating Oil to Homes and Businesses in New Jersey.

Heating Oil Budget Plan

Our budget plan offers the advantage of knowing how much your heating bill will be each month. The year’s supply of heating oil divided into 11 equal monthly payments for our customers on automatic delivery. The budget can include your heating service plan and spread that cost over the 11 months.

Budget Cap

With our Budget Cap Plan, your fuel oil cost is capped at our per gallon Cap Price determined each summer, and your payments are spread evenly across the year.

No Mid-Winter Surprises! Your price will not increase or decrease no matter what the market does. Please call us if you have any questions, need to know your consumption from prior years or to find out how to enroll in the program of your choosing.

Please note: Participating customers on all plans must be on automatic delivery. This is a limited time offer. Any hedging fees are not refundable. Early termination penalties apply.

Do You Prefer To Manage Your Own Heating Oil Deliveries?

Lawes Company offers discount, heating oil. Place your orders online, 24/7.

Lawes Company offers home heating oil pricing to accommodate every budget and level of service that New Jersey consumers desire. Click the button below to get current oil prices and start your online heating oil ordering experience. Online registration is fast and easy. Simply go through the steps to purchase your heating oil online, and your next delivery will arrive at your home or business before you know it!

After going through the registration process one time, you’ll have the convenience of being able to purchase future heating oil orders from your computer or mobile device in just four simple clicks. Our goal is to make online oil ordering simple, fast and enjoyable!

Need Help Now? Call Us:

Need Help Now? Call Us: