Automatic Oil Delivery

Automatic Home Heating Oil Delivery

Rest assured that you will not run out of oil this winter with Lawes Company's Automatic Heating Oil Delivery options. Each of our automatic delivery plans is catered to meet our customer's specific needs.

Contact one of our fuel oil delivery specialists to identify which automatic oil delivery program best suits your needs and budget. Call us today.

Lawes Company Delivers Heating Oil to Homes and Businesses in New Jersey.

Heating Oil Budget Plan

Our budget plan offers the advantage of knowing how much your heating bill will be each month. The year’s supply of heating oil divided into 11 equal monthly payments for our customers on automatic delivery. The budget can include your heating service plan and spread that cost over the 11 months..

Best Heating Oil Prices in Shrewsbury

No homeowner can escape the responsibility of covering for the heating expenses during the late fall and winter months. Your home is your place of comfort and protection, but it cannot perform its job of making everyone same and warm during the cold season if you do not turn on the heating system.

The key to surviving the winter is keeping the temperature inside your living space as comfortable and livable as possible, and that usually entails turning the heat on all day long.

Shrewsbury Home Heating Oil Fuel

If you are using home heating oil to power your furnace or boiler, you know that fuel oil prices dictate how much you’re spending to cover the entire winter. Fuel oil is a commodity and therefore the pricing fluctuates with market demands. However, if you are buying the oil for heating at that time when the demand is high, you most likely will pay more for it.

Keep in mind that even if you live in the Northeast, where the winter is particularly harsh, you still can make the best of your hard-earned money. Do not let the prospect of increased heating oil prices ruin your carefully laid-out budget for the entire year. It is true that some homeowners who are forced to pay for higher oil prices will have to face less discretionary income, while others do not have a choice but to endure a colder winter. Well, you obviously do not want to be in both scenarios.

Fuel Oil Payment Plan Options

To get the best heating oil prices, you must figure out the payment plans available. You probably do not know it but unlike a couple of decades back, you now have more than a couple of options to buy heating oil, which means you do not have to pay for heating oil based on market price.

So, what are those oil payment plans?

Locked-In Fuel Oil Pricing

With the locked-in pricing option, the price per gallon is either fixed or capped for a year. The concept of a fixed rate is that the price won’t go up or down, regardless of the factors that could affect it. On the other hand, a price cap will set the highest price you must pay. However, if the market price goes down, you have the luxury of paying the lower price.

Home Heating Oil Market Price

The advantage of buying oil for heating based on its current market price is that there is no contract involved. Therefore, you pay for oil delivery based on the price of the commodity for that day. There is no need to study price trends since you will pay for oil heat once you need it. Obviously, you cannot wait for the price to go down if you no longer have oil to use for heating.

Pre-Buying Oil For Heating

If you decide to pre-purchase your heating oil, what usually happens is that you will pay for oil based on the total estimated usage for the winter. To do this, you must pay for it right before the winter season begins. If you are hoping to get the best and more competitive fuel oil prices, you must consider this option. If the winter price of heating oil rises, your decision turns out to be the right one. However, if the prices go down during the cold months, you end up losing the gamble. But then again, it is highly unlikely that heating oil prices go down right in the middle of the winter, when the demand for it is high.

For you to fully understand what each option offers and figure out which of them gives you the advantage in terms of buying oil for the lowest price, you must do some research. Do not easily believe your neighbor, friend, or coworker who tells you that you should go for a pre-purchase option or perhaps sign a contract for locked-in pricing. Remember that we all have different needs and the need for oil for heating is no exception. Some homeowners are confident enough when it comes to risking their chances of buying oil when it already has run out. You cannot do that unless you are willing to spend a night or two without heat in the middle of the winter.

Finally, consider buying your oil from a full-service delivery company, like Lawes Company, that also caters to your heating equipment and maintenance needs other than the delivery of home heating oil. Contact us today to get started with your oil buying plans.

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Contact Lawes Company for help with identifying the best heating oil pricing plans. We will work with you to develop the best budget to meet your home's needs.

Please note: Participating customers on heating oil plans must be on automatic delivery. This is a limited-time offer. Any hedging fees are not refundable. Early termination penalties apply.

Do You Prefer To Manage Your Own Heating Oil Deliveries?

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