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Shrewsbury Mitsubishi Ductless AC Installation

We service many homes in Shrewsbury, NJ. Many of which were not originally built with central air conditioning. This was the situation at the Neill’s ranch style home.

The Neills gave us a call because they were tired of feeling uncomfortable in their home during the summer. Window air conditioning units don’t provide the total home comfort that the Neills wanted which prompted them investigate other options. After one of our technicians, Robert Petrow, went to their home, he suggested that they install two ductless mini split air conditioning units.

Problem: The Neills’ home had a baseboard heating system with no central air conditioning. They felt hot and uncomfortable during the summer months.

Solution: We installed two Mitsubishi ductless AC systems in their home.

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Mitsubishi Ductless Systems

At the Neill residence, we installed two Mitsubishi ductless systems. These systems can serve both as a heater and an air conditioner, meaning that it provides year-round comfort. We thought this was their best option because the home did not have a system of ducts. Additionally, installing ductwork is expensive. It would require they they live in a construction zone which is not what the Neills were interested in doing. Instead, they opted for the ductless systems.

There are many advantages to ductless systems. Mitsubishi ductless systems, in particular, are top of the line. Below you will find some of the reasons why Lawes Company promotes Mitsubishi ductless systems and why our customers are happy that they had them installed.


These systems offer a high level of flexibility. They help keep a home more comfortable because they deliver cooled or heated air into the room or “zone” that they are placed in. It is made up of a small outdoor unit and however many indoor units needed inside of the home.

In order to keep the entire home comfortable, the Neills required two indoor units. The two units have enough power to cool their entire house down and provide heat during the winter.

Ductless systems are a great way to replace inefficient heating and cooling systems such as window units or baseboard heaters.

Although many homeowners tend to jump at the idea of a window unit, they quickly regret their decision. The advantages that a ductless system offers far surpasses many other types of heating and cooling equipment.

Overall Cost Savings

We all know that utility costs aren’t exactly decreasing. In fact, they are increasing. When a home’s comfort levels is dependent on a system that is highly inefficient, such as a baseboard heating system, heating costs can escalate quickly. The beauty of a ductless system is that they operate on less. As in, they require very little energy to heat or cool a house down. Also, the temperature controlled air is delivered right where it is needed. This makes them far more efficient than their traditional counterparts because they do not need to cool or heat rooms or zones that are not being used.

Also, these systems are eligible for tax credits. This is true for New Jersey residents due to New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, which offers financial incentives for those who have energy efficient systems installed in their home.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

mitsubishi ductless dealerAlthough outdoor air quality is a hot topic, indoor air quality can be more polluted than outdoor air. When it comes to traditional forced air systems, the ducts need to be cleaned on a regular basis due to the accumulation of dust, dirt, and other particulates. Even so, there is always particulates that are left behind. Mitsubishi split systems have exceptional filtration systems which remove these pollutants from the air. This improves indoor air quality and ensures the health of the occupants.

Easy Installation

The Neills did not want to live in a construction zone. Installing ductwork into a home that doesn't have them is very invasive and it can take several weeks. Ductless systems have a fast and easy installation. The Neills’ installation took about a day.

Mini split systems require small pipes and a three in hole for installation. The Neills did not have to deal will rebuilding walls or ceilings. Furthermore, the indoor units can be mounted just about anywhere. They can be placed in out of the way spots, such as a ceiling or a wall, so they do not take up a lot of space.

Environmentally Friendly

Ductless heating and cooling systems are small in size. They cool and heat zones which makes them highly energy efficient. Also, they help reduce heating and cooling costs. They are far more environmentally friendly than most other HVAC systems on the market.

Additional Benefits

The Neills are quite happy with their new ductless heating and cooling system. They have already noticed the increased comfort levels of their home. They are able to enjoy air conditioning for the first time. Additionally, they look forward to lower heating costs and a warmer home throughout the winter season.

Issues With Window Units

As temperate as the New Jersey climate may be, it still requires air conditioning in the summer. Since many homes were not originally constructed with central air conditioning, it is quite common for homeowners to use window air conditioners in the summertime. The Neills did have a couple of window units but these units did not provide the comfort that was needed. Also, window units pose a number of issues.

Security Issues

Window air conditioning units pose a number of security issues. Since they are mounted to a window, this allows easy access into a home. Thieves recognize this as an open opportunity to enter. Conversely, ductless air conditioning systems are not mounted to a window and thus, they do not present an entry point into a home.


Since window units are mounted to a window, they block any of the natural light from that window. Natural light is enjoyable and the window unit removes the option of enjoying it. In fact, it substantially darkens the room. Also, window units are generally placed in the window and removed when it starts cooling down. Having to do this takes a lot of time and effort. With a ductless system, a homeowner will still be able to open and close a window when they want to. Also, the ductless system is installed in an area where it does not have to be moved and stored from one season to the next.


Window air conditioning units are simply not as comfortable as ductless cooling. Window units cool rooms unevenly, do not account for humidity issues and they are extremely noisy! Ductless systems solve all of these problems, providing efficient, comfortable and quiet cooling solutions.


As mentioned above, window units are known for being quite noisy. This can be annoying especially if it is located in a room where there is a lot of time spent. It takes away from the pleasure of relaxing while reading a book or watching a movie. It makes perfect sense for any homeowner to desire an AC system that can provide a quiet cooling option. Because a ductless air conditioner’s compressor is located outdoor, it is virtually quiet. In fact, many homeowners forget that it is on.

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