New American Standard Gas Heating System Installation In Howell NJ

Furnace And Water Heater Replacement In Howell, New Jersey

Three of the most visible signs that indicate the need for a furnace replacement and a water heater replacement are poor performance, an increase in energy consumption, and age. The Lands knew that they had an old furnace and an old water heater. When their home felt cold, and their water heater wasn’t providing enough water to get through a shower, they knew it was time to call the professionals at Lawes Company.

American Standard LogoOne of our technicians examined their heating system and water heater. At the in-home consultation, he confirmed that these two pieces of equipment were old and needed a replacement. While a replacement was inevitable, our technician provided the Lands with a few options.

At Lawes Company, we believe it is better to provide our customers with all of their available options so that they can make an informed decision about what they want to do. The Lands decided that it was better for them to upgrade their natural gas furnace and replace their water heater in their Howell, NJ home.

Problem: The Lands household felt cold as the temperatures dropped. Their energy bills were gradually increasing even though they felt uncomfortable. Also, the Lands family could not shower because their water heater was unable to provide enough hot water.

Solution: Lawes Company performed a water heater replacement. We installed a Bradford White RG250T6N water heater. Additionally, we replaced their existing furnace with an American Standard natural gas Gold S9V2 variable speed furnace.

American Standard Gold S9V2 Variable Speed Furnaces

Many issues come with the use of an old and outdated heating system. There are performance problems. An old heater has to work much harder to try to keep a home comfortable. Sometimes, like in the case of the Lands household, it is unable to keep the house at a pleasant, warm temperature. Also, as the furnace ages, it becomes less efficient. Therefore, there is an increase in home heating costs. The Lands’ old furnace has an 80% AFUE rating originally. As you can imagine, as old as the heater was, its efficiency had dropped, and they were paying a lot to run the furnace.

Often, homeowners in this circumstance have to decide whether to repair or replace their old furnace. In most cases, it is better to replace the heater than it is to fix it. A homeowner can save money on energy bills, repair costs, and feel far more comfortable when it is cold out.

gas furnace installationLawes Company believes in the integrity of American Standard HVAC system. American Standard manufactures units that are reliable, perform well, and are incredibly energy-efficient. For this reason, we often recommend these systems to our customers who require an HVAC replacement for their home. This particular model has many features that the Lands family will appreciate.

  • Highly energy efficient with a 96% AFUE rating
  • Modern, state-of-the-art cabinet design that fits in any home
  • Quiet operation
  • Airtight design to prevent heat loss
  • Has a Vortica™ II blower, a two-stage variable speed blower motor
  • Provides a high level of comfort
  • Lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger
  • 10-year warranty for internal parts with extended warranty options available

The Lands are happy that they upgraded their furnace to this model. Since then, they have experienced a more comfortable home. Also, since the installation of their new heater, they have noticed a significant decrease in their home heating costs. Better yet, they will be able to count on their new system for many years to come.

Bradford White Water Heaters

There are very few situations that compare to the disappointment that you feel when your shower runs cold. The Lands household can relate to this. Some of the tell-tale signs that indicate the need for a water heater replacement include the age of the water heater, a drop in energy-efficiency, and poor performance. The Lands' water heater fell into all of these categories, so a replacement was necessary. We replaced their old water heater with a Bradford White water heater, model # RG250T6N.

Bradford White manufactures water heaters that perform well and are reliable. By having us install this unit, the Lands can count on having access to hot water when they shower, wash dishes, or any other situation that necessitates hot water. Any homeowner who has dealt with a broken water heater knows the inconvenience of going without hot water.

water heater installation

Below are some of the features that come with this particular Bradford White model of water heater:

  • This water heater comes with Defender FVIR system w/ ScreenLok flame arrestor. This feature prevents dangerous vapors inside of your home and ensures proper venting.
  • Vitraglas enamel lining for a more extended lifespan
  • Hydrojet device to reduce sediment buildup
  • Non-CFC foam on the sides and the top of the water heater. This foam helps prevent heat loss.
  • Reduces standby heat-loss with factory-installed heat traps
  • Sight window allows for easy access and servicing
  • Anode rod has protective magnesium
  • 6-year warranty on tank and components

The Lands family have improved the comfort of their home. Also, since water heating accounts for a significant portion of a home's energy costs, the Lands will reduce their monthly energy bills with this water heater upgrade.

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