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Heating And Air Conditioning System Replacement In Freehold, New Jersey

The Schrager family lives in a single-family home in Freehold, NJ. They gave Lawes Company a call because the local gas company shut down the furnace that serviced the addition in their home. Their heater was emitting dangerous carbon monoxide and, therefore, the gas company red-tagged it. This case study highlights what we did for the Schrager family.

When we went to their home to assess the situation, we noticed that their furnace had a cracked heat exchanger. A cracked heat exchanger is not repairable, and so we suggested that they replace their existing unit with a new one. Also, while we were there, we inspected their air conditioning unit. We noticed that their AC was old and outdated. We provided them with a quote for a furnace replacement and an air conditioning replacement for their Freehold, NJ home.

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Problem: The Schrager family gave Lawes Company a call because they did not have any heat in the addition of their home. The gas furnace was releasing dangerous carbon monoxide due to a cracked heat exchanger. Also, their air conditioning unit was still using R-22, a refrigerant that has been phased out by the EPA. They were still using an old mercury thermostat in their home.

Solution: Although we had a busy schedule, we rearranged our appointments so that we could install their new HVAC system the following day. We know that it is important to have heat in the middle of the winter.

We replaced their old furnace with an energy efficient American Standard 80 furnace. Likewise, we replaced their old air conditioner with an American Standard Allegiance ® 14 Model. We also installed a Honeywell 6000 series WiFi thermostat.

American Standard 80 Furnace

Since the Schrager home needed a new furnace, we suggested the American Standard 80 Furnace. At Lawes Company, we promote the use of American Standard heating and cooling systems because they have proven to be one of the most reliable units in the HVAC industry. With this furnace, the Schrager family will be able to enjoy a higher level of comfort while reducing their energy costs. Some of the features that come with this particular make and model include:

  • Quiet operation
  • Highly energy efficient featuring a multi-speed blower motor
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reliability
  • 80% AFUE rating
  • Heavy steel insulated cabinet to hold heat
  • 20-year warranty for the heat exchanger
  • 10-year warranty for parts

This furnace meets all of the Schrager's home heating needs. Since their old heating system was using a lot of energy due to its age, they immediately noticed the difference. They feel more comfortable, and they will save a significant amount of money each month when they receive their energy bill. Also, by installing a new furnace, they are safe from the dangers of a carbon monoxide leak.


American Standard Allegiance ® 14 Model

When we inspected the Schrager's HVAC system, we noticed that their old air conditioning system was using R-22 refrigerant. While many homes still have AC units that use this type of refrigerant, it is advisable to start shopping for a new AC that uses R-410A refrigerant.

R-22 is no longer manufactured, and the prices for the existing supply of this refrigerant have become outrageous. It is not worth repairing a unit that has a refrigerant leak or requires a refill of R-22 refrigerant. If an air conditioner is old and has these types of issues, it is better to replace it as soon as possible than to pay the prices for R-22.

silver-14-air-conditionerSince the Schrager family had an older unit, they decided to replace their air conditioner at the same time that they replaced their furnace. It is much cheaper to do this. By replacing both of them at the same time, installation costs are lower and, typically, you can get a better deal on combination HVAC systems. We replaced the Schrager's air conditioner with an American Standard Allegiance ® 14 Model. There are many features that this type of unit offers:

  • 15 SEER rating
  • It features a Duration™ compressor which allows for vertical air discharge
  • Resist corrosion due to the finish and fasteners used for this air conditioner
  • Comes with a DuraBase™ base pan which does not rust and it is capable of draining completely
  • The all aluminum SpineFin™ coil is protected and includes a seacoast shield
  • Liquid line filter-drier
  • The fans and compressor feature quiet operation and have a sound insulator
  • Safety switch to regulate pressure and the internal compressor
  • The coil and the compressor have a 10-year warranty
  • Internal parts have a 5-year warranty

By installing this unit, the Schrager residence will enjoy an enhanced level of comfort during the hot weather. Also, they won’t be paying escalated cooling costs like they were with their old and outdated unit. Additionally, they are using a unit that costs less to repair and is environmentally friendly due to its use of R-410A refrigerant. Overall, it is a win-win situation for them.

Honeywell Wifi Thermostats

Honeywell Wi-Fi 6000 thermostatAll HVAC contractors will agree that the use of a programmable thermostat is an excellent idea if you are interested in reducing your energy costs and enhancing your home's comfort levels.

The Schrager residence decided to upgrade their old mercury thermostat to a more modern Honeywell Wi-Fi FocusPRO® 6000. We recommended this thermostat because it offers:

  • The option to check and control the temperature of their home from a remote location
  • Allows a schedule-You can warm up or cool down your home based on your schedule
  • Large display that is easy to read and understand
  • The thermostat is precise
  • It is simple to program and easy to operate
  • Adaptive Intelligent Recovery™ guarantees that the home's temperature matches the thermostat setting by the time that you need it
  • Temperature range limits ensure that the temperature settings are not erroneous. This feature prevents the user from entering a temperature that is too high or too low which prevents unnecessary energy use.

Because the Schrager household leaves during the day, they come home to a cold house in the winter and a warm house in the summer. Sometimes, like most homeowners with manual thermostats, they forget to change the temperature settings before leaving, and they heat or cool an empty house. It is a massive waste of energy to heat or cool an empty house. Not only are they happy that they can set a schedule with their new thermostat, but the Schrager home can also control their home’s temperature from any smart device such as their cell phone or tablet. They feel that this investment provides more comfort while saving them time and money. This alone is more than they were hoping for. They are happy that they called the experts at Lawes Company because the Schrager household is better off than they were before. We were able to meet their heating and cooling needs at an affordable cost.

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