Weil McLain oil boiler installation

New Weil McLain Boiler Installation In Little Silver NJ

In the middle of the winter, there is little that compares to a home that feels cold and uncomfortable. The McCabes were dealing with this situation. They had a case where their home was not getting warm, even with the thermostat up. Consequently, the McCabe’s called Lawes Company.

Weil McLain SGO Oil BoilerOne of our experienced and knowledgeable HVAC technicians, Robert Petrow, inspected the McCabe's heating system. He found that the existing oil-fired steam boiler was outdated and leaking. Robert proposed a boiler replacement for their Little Silver, NJ home.


Problem: The interior climate of the McCabe home felt cold, even with the heater working full time. They were compensating for this by turning up the heat and wearing extra layers of clothing. They also noticed uneven heating where some rooms felt cold while others were hot. The McCabe’s domestic hot water system was part of the heating system. They could never count on getting enough hot water for a comfortable shower.

Solution: After examining the heating system, Robert Petrow from Lawes Company proposed a new steam boiler installation. He recommended this for various reasons. Not only was their boiler outdated, but their old heating system was leaking, and it was irreparable. Lawes Company installed a new Weil McLain steam boiler for their home.

Weil McLain SGO Oil Boiler

Little Silver NJ Weil McLain boiler installationChoosing a heating system for your home is an important decision. A new heating system needs to provide the comfort that you need to get through the cold weather. It also needs to have excellent energy efficiency or AFUE, rating to keep your home heating costs as low as possible. The Weil McLain SGO Oil Boiler does precisely that. It is highly energy efficient and provides a high level of comfort. Due to Weil-McLain's high ratings and performance, Lawes Company recommends this brand when customers are in need of a boiler replacement.

Not only does this boiler have the ability to keep you nice and warm, but there are also many other features. Some of these features include:

  • Cast iron sections
  • Tankless heater opening
  • Large water volume for extended steaming times
  • Two flue outlets-one at the top and one at the bottom-for appropriate venting
  • Elastomer Seals
  • Factory-wired circulators
  • Swing burner door for easy access
  • Recessed target wall
  • 84% AFUE rating
  • 2-year warranty for parts
  • 10-year warranty for the heat exchanger

The Weil-McLain boiler system will keep the McCabe family comfortable during the winter season. They can count on their new boiler to provide them with the warmth that they need and the hot water that they use to shower and wash dishes.

The installation was quick and did not take long. The McCabes said that their home felt warm by the end of the day. Their new boiler provides an excellent and balanced heat. Also, they will save money on energy costs. They are happy that they do not need to overdress anymore and even more pleased that they won’t have to adjust the thermostat various times throughout the day.

Boiler Leaks: What You Need To Know

A leaking boiler is a severe issue. So, when a boiler leaks, it requires immediate attention. This situation indicates that one of the boiler’s internal components has failed. Usually, it is a valve or a seal that has gone bad. A rusted or corroded heater will leak as well. Out of all the reasons for a boiler leak, corrosion and rust are the primary causes.

Also, the pressure valve can cause a leak. When the pressure is too high for the boiler, holes, and cracks, start to form. Limescale can also cause this. Likewise, when the temperature settings are too high, a boiler heating system will leak from its temperature valve.

A boiler, throughout its lifetime, can develop cracks on its body. These cracks are due to wear and tear from temperature fluctuations that a system like this experiences. As the metal expands and contracts, it causes cracks to develop. Eventually, these cracks cause leaks.

Regardless of what is causing the boiler leak, the boiler leak can lead to short-circuiting electrical components. A leaking boiler can lead to severe property damage. It can cause water damage and even mold growth. Due to the severe consequences of these type of situations, it is crucial to have a professional come to your home when you are experiencing boiler heating issues. More serious causes, like corrosion and rust, will require a boiler replacement.

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