Lincroft NJ standby generator installation

Kohler Whole House Generator Installation In Lincroft, New Jersey

Many areas, including Lincroft, New Jersey, often deal with the inconvenience of power outages. The Swirsky residence, is no exception. For this reason, they gave Lawes Company a call. The Swirsky’s wanted to learn more about whole house generators and their options for dealing with power outages.

When we arrived at their home, we sat down to discuss the benefits of standby generators. Our technician took the time to answer any questions that the Swirskys had. We also inspected their home to see what it would take to install a generator. This includes examining certain aspects of their home such as gas lines and electrical connections. After their consultation was done, the Swirsky family decided that it was in their best interest to have Lawes Company install a whole house generator for their Lincroft NJ home.

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Problem: The Swirsky residence wanted to do something about their situation during power outages. They work from home so, when they lose power, this is a huge inconvenience. Additionally, past power outages have resulted in:

  • The need to throw away refrigerated perishables.
  • Dealing with no-heat situations in the winter
  • Dealing with no air conditioning in the summer

Overall, the impact of a power outage is too great and the Swirskys needed a solution.

Solution: Lawes Company installed a Kohler 20RESD standby generator. This included the installation of a poured, reinforced concrete platform for the generator. Also, new gas lines and the necessary electrical connections were made.

Kohler 20RESD Generators

There are many benefits that come with investing in a whole house generator like this one. Kohler manufactures some of the best standby generators in the industry. A few of the advantages that the Swirsky residence will experience include:

  • Protection For Electronics: These home generators offer frequency regulation to protect the electronic devices. Its electronic speed controls responds to the varying electrical demands of a home.
  • Reliability: These generators are built to last. They are wind-rated up to 181 mph with a weather resistant cashmere textured finish. Kohler stands behind their products by offering a 5-year warranty or a limited 2000 hour warranty.
  • Flexibility With Placement: This generator can be installed as close as 18 inches away from a structure. This means that it is capable of being installed in small lots.
  • Powerful Operation: This generator comes with Power Boost technology which guarantees powerful startups.
  • Quick Response: The Swirsky family can count on their Kohler generator to restore the power to their home quickly.
  • Quiet: These units run quietly so they do not disturb the home or the surrounding neighbors.

Due to the installation of this generator, the Swirskys will have the ability to enjoy the comforts of their home even during a power outage. Also, they can count on their new standby generator for many years to come.

Kohler whole house generator

Benefits Of A Backup Generator

Having a standby generator installed in your home offers a wide variety of benefits. It gives any homeowner the peace of mind, that during a blackout, they will be able to function as normal. Since everyday activities revolve around electricity, these generators allow the household members to run the appliances that they need. This includes their lights, heating system, air conditioners, washer/dryers, refrigerators, and much more.

Most blackouts don’t last more than a few days and a standby generator has the ability to power a home comfortably throughout that time. These devices are similar to an insurance policy. You never know when you will need it but when you do need it, you sure are glad that you have it. Therefore, it is well worth the investment. It is a great way to be prepared for those unexpected situations.

A whole-house generator prevents the financial loss that comes with a power outage. With a standby generator, you will not need to throw away food or pay for hotel stays. During the winter, you won’t have to worry about frozen or burst pipes. Also, you will avoid a basement repair after the failure of a sump pump. Also, crime tends to go up during blackouts. Therefore, you will not need to replace any property that is stolen or damaged. For these reasons, standby generators have a great return on investment. Hundreds of thousands of your hard earned money is saved over the course of the lifespan of a standby generator. These generators offer the convenience of watching TV, charging cell phones, and more while most homes sit in the dark.

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