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Generac Frequently Asked Questions

Living in an area that has power outages occur frequently, one of the best responses you as a homeowner can do is to invest in a generator as a backup power source. The key areas where having a Generac home standby generator helps are, supplying electricity to keep your heating or air conditioning system running soundly, keeping the lights on, keeping frozen or refrigerated foods from spoiling, appliances operating, and life-saving medical devices continuously running.

generac generator dealers in NJGenerac has been a leader and best-in-class brand in the power generation market for 60 years. Becoming known for reliable and trustworthy generator products offered to consumers to suit your energy loss needs. With their industry-leading product development, network of experienced dealers, and in-house customer support team, Generac has committed to providing unmatched, reliable power solutions for your family’s comfort.

generac generatorA device designed to backup your electrical system in case of power failures, operating whether your home or not. Supplying electricity to your breaker box or connected appliances within seconds of the power going out. As soon as utility power is restored, the standby generator will shut down automatically until the next power disruption.

How Do I Correctly Size A Generator For My HomeFor sizing your home for the generator you need, make sure you have the optimal power for any appliances or equipment when you have no power from your utility company. Here is what we recommend when properly sizing generators for your family’s needs:

  1. Create a list of appliances or items that will use power from your standby generator when a power outage occurs.
  2. Write down what the running wattage of the items you’ll need to have power to. This can be checked by finding the equipment’s identification plate or in the owner’s manual. The formula Wattage= Amperes x Volts determines is needed because that is what the amount of electricity is required to run said equipment.
  3. Use the numbers in the above step to calculate your total power requirements in watts.

Click here to access our free generator selection guide (wattage worksheet) to make this easy! 

who can install a home backup generator

A certified contractor, HVAC specialist, or a qualified technician or even yourself if you must. Both Lawes Company and Generac recommend having a certified contractor, HVAC specialist, or a qualified technician, install a backup generator in your home. There are too many risk factors involved with local, state, and national electrical codes that need to be adhered to.

If you are going to attempt the install yourself, Generac usually has prepackaged wired systems with full installation instructions. Always follow the support guidelines provided within the Site Selection and Preparation section of the manual that is provided with your generator. If there are no pre-wired systems, please work with a licensed professional.

Alternatively, you could choose to prepare the site where your backup generator will be placed as part of the site preparation of your unit and work with a professional to connect your fuel of choice and electrical box connections.

portable generator versus home standby generator

There are a plethora of advantages to investing in a home automatic backup generator instead of a portable generator when power loss occurs. Automatically powering on for your convenience even if you are away or home and powering down when utility power is restored, so no need to monitor your generator if there is a power outage.

Since the unit powers on automatically during power disruptions, there is no need to haul a portable generator outside or worrying about all those extension cords and risk of fire. A glaring problem with portable generators are the carbon monoxide they release. It’s a danger to your family if you have a portable generator indoors.

A big advantage to having your unit installed outside your home with a standby generator is you are protected from the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Home generators run on propane or natural gas, requiring no filling and a cheaper expense compared to gasoline.

air cooled versus liquid cooled generator

Liquid-cooled generators use a pump to cycle a controlled liquid coolant throughout the engine via connected hoses and the coolant takes on the heat from the engine, where the heated liquid transfers to a radiator which air then cools it. Similar to how a car radiator is used. With air-cooled generators, they use fans to force air through the engine to provide cooling.

can a generator replace utility company

No, an automatic backup generator fuel costs would be more substantial and expensive compared to buying from your local utility company. The utility company saves their consumers money by dividing the expense to produce electricity between thousands of their customers. A backup standby generator is designed to be used for power loss or backup power and should never be used your family’s primary source of power.

what does a backup generator run on

There are two types of fuel options for running a standby home generator, propane and natural gas. If you have an existing gas line coming into your home, it’d be a direct connection to the generator. If you have no existing gas line or you live in an area where natural gas isn’t available, a propane tank would be hooked up to your generator to supply power.

What type of oil shoil I use for my generator

It is recommended to use high-quality 10W-30 engine oil in your generator but can vary so please refer to your owner’s manual for the right oil to use for your specific unit.

Were you aware that after 48 hours of constant run time, you need to check your oil? Your generator continuously burns oil as it is operating, so if your power is out for an extended time, you might be required to add additional oil.

generator maintenance

Yes, they do need to be maintained. Maintenance of your home generator should be performed annually. When using your generator often, semi-annual servicing is recommended. Other requirements for your generator are oil/filter replacement and periodic inspections. Along with routine maintenance, doing these tasks will help maximize performance to keep your system in reliable shape for future use.

Generac offers preventative maintenance kits and through some of their dealers, you can look for annual service or maintenance contracts offering peace of mind throughout your ownership of your generator. Refer to your owner’s manual for maintenance schedule/procedures, or contact Lawes Company for any maintenance questions.

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