Millstone NJ church HVAC replacement

HVAC System Replacement In Millstone, New Jersey

The United Presbyterian Church in Millstone, NJ gave Lawes Company a call because they noticed that their church felt uncomfortable. At times, some rooms in the church would feel hot, and other times, the rooms felt cold. They would compensate for the inconsistent temperatures by cranking up or lowering the heat on the thermostat. After Lawes Company assessed the situation, we noticed a few things.

First, their furnaces needed a replacement. They were both about 25 years old. Also, since their air conditioning system was the same age as their heating system, we recommended an air conditioner replacement. Also, they were using an old mercury thermostat, and so they needed to upgrade to a more modern one. We also addressed some ductwork issues that they had.

Problem: The United Presbyterian Church felt uncomfortable due to temperature issues that the church was having. Also, their energy bills were out of control. Their two furnaces, two air conditioners, and thermostat were old and outdated. They were also experiencing some ductwork issues.

Solution: We installed two energy efficient Bryant furnaces, two Bryant air conditioners with high SEER ratings, and a Honeywell wifi thermostat. They will be able to control their HVAC system from any smart device. After removing the old units, we also noticed some ductwork issues that we addressed. Since we relocated the new HVAC equipment, we had to install additional ductwork to connect the new equipment to the existing ductwork system.

bryant HVAC

Bryant Furnaces

There are many advantages that the church gained from having two Bryant Legacy gas furnace model 310A units installed. Lawes Company highly recommends Bryant gas furnaces because they are one of the best heating and cooling manufacturers in the industry. Some of the perks of installing a system like this include:


  • QuieTech™ technology which reduces noise
  • State-of-the-art Pilot-free PerfectLight™ for the ignition process
  • AHRI Certified
  • They come with a cabinet that is insulated, ensuring quieter operation
  • The heat exchanger has a 20-year warranty
  • Registered units come with a 10-year warranty on parts
  • 80% AFUE rating, making them highly energy efficient units
  • UL Listed
Bryant furance for an hvac upgrade in millstone nj

The church improved their comfort levels, lowered their energy use, and they can depend on their new Bryant furnaces. These units have withstood the test of time to prove that they are reliable and can perform well throughout the cold New Jersey winters. They are quieter than ever which is especially important for a church setting.

Honeywell Wifi Thermostats

Honeywell Wi-Fi 6000 thermostatOne of the best ways to improve your energy costs is with the use of a programmable thermostat. The church was using an old mercury thermostat that did not allow them to control their environment until someone arrived and made the necessary changes. Furthermore, they would typically leave it at the same temperature when no one was in the church because they would forget to make the manual adjustments before leaving. Forgetting to adjust the thermostat is a common occurrence with manual thermostats.

Since they were upgrading their entire HVAC system, they decided to install a Honeywell Wi-Fi FocusPRO® 6000. Their thermostat upgrade allows the church committee to control the church environment from any smart device, computer, or tablet. All they need is internet access. Some of the features that this thermostat offers include:

  • Monitor and control temperature levels from a remote location
  • Allows a schedule of comfort for each day of the week.
  • Large display which is easy to read
  • Comfort control is precise (up to one degree above or below set temperature)
  • Simple programming options and operation
  • Features Adaptive Intelligent Recovery™ which ensures that the thermostat reaches the set temperature by the specified time
  • Temperature range limits which prevent temperature settings that are too high or too low, providing energy efficiency.

Now they can save time and money with the use of their new thermostat. The church committee can set a schedule and leave their thermostat to do the work for them. A thermostat schedule is an excellent way to cut down on energy use while achieving a higher level of comfort. No one will have to go to the church ahead of time to change the thermostat. The church committee is certainly glad that they called Lawes Company. We provided them with solutions for their heating and cooling issues, improved the comfort of their church, and reduced their energy costs.

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