How A New Air Conditioning System Can Save You Money

AC installationSmart homeowners know that having an efficient air conditioner means they will minimize their energy costs. This way of thinking is vital, especially during the summer, when your AC is working overtime to keep you and your family cool. Your air conditioner has to work hard to combat the hot outdoor weather.

When your air conditioner is over 10-15 years, it has a hard time keeping up like it used to. Your home does not feel as comfortable. Most importantly, your energy bills will escalate. At this point, the best way to achieve optimum comfort and efficiency is by installing a new air conditioner in your home. By doing this, you will ensure that your A/C is not only energy-efficient but also cost-effective as well.

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How An Air Conditioner Installation Shrewsbury NJ Can Save You Money

One of the most common questions that we receive is how a new air conditioner can save you money when you have to invest quite a sum to buy a new one. In this article, we will explain how a new air conditioner is a smart investment.

Higher Energy Efficiency

energy efficiencyNew models of air conditioning have higher SEER ratings than old ones. SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. It is a division between the total British Thermal Unit (BTU) of actual cooling per hour and the watts of electricity used. A high SEER ratio means that your AC is more energy efficient.

Since 2005, the United States government required that all ground unit air conditioners have a minimum 13 SEER rating. So, if your old A/C has a SEER rating of 9 and you replace it with an AC with a 13 SEER rating, you are already reducing your air conditioner’s power consumption by 25 percent. Remember, the higher the SEER rating, the more money you save. It is important to note that AC units with a high SEER rating are more expensive than those with lower SEER numbers. However, they pay for themselves quickly in the form of reduced energy bills.

Reduce The Need For Frequent Repairs

Old air conditioners are invariably more prone to damages due to normal wear and tear. Over time, these repair costs accumulate, adding to a significant sum of money. When the accumulated value of repairs amounts to half the amount you need to buy a new AC, you might want to consider purchasing a new A/C instead. It is better to invest in a new unit than it is to place your hard-earned money on AC repairs.

Upgrading your old AC will save you the hassle of needing to get your old air conditioner fixed when it malfunctions yet again. Moreover, you will undoubtedly save more money when you do away with the continuous damages and repairs from your old A/C.


thermostatGovernment agencies and power companies encourage homeowners to be more energy-efficient by using power-saving equipment. They do this to keep your local power plants from overstressing to keep up with the high demand. This situation means that high-efficiency units have more rebates and incentives. These incentives frequently come in the form of direct refunds, tax credits or tax deductions. Depending on your location and the type of system purchased, the incentive programs you receive can total to more than a thousand dollars per system. However, incentives from the state and local government often change. Talk to your local HVAC company to find out what rebates are available in your area.

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Indoor Air Quality

respiratory issuesYour air conditioner plays a significant and vital role when it comes to keeping contaminants from entering your home. Old HVAC units are more prone to dust buildup, which results in the decline of your AC’s efficiency. With some units, as the debris gets denser over time, it leads to a complete shutdown. When this happens, it is very costly to repair.

Also, a new AC helps reduce harmful air particles and odors that can cause illnesses such as asthma and skin irritation. This upgrade translates to helping you provide a healthy environment for you and your family. Not only that, but you will also be saving money that you would otherwise spend or lose from missed days at work to address these illnesses.

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Less Noise

Another benefit of installing a new model is that there is less noise compared to your clunky old AC. New air conditioner models are quieter than ever. It is due to the sound-dampening technology and the variable speed compressors that now come with high-efficiency AC units. These technologies help keep noise levels below 55 decibels.


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