Why Is My Outside AC Unit Not Running But My Inside Unit Is?

image of outdoor air conditioning unit in summer

In some areas, the temperature is high enough to need the help of an air conditioner. Perhaps you’ve attempted to switch on your air conditioner to discover that it isn’t working properly. For instance, perhaps the outside AC unit is not running but the inside is. This article discusses a variety of plausible explanations.

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How To Keep Your House Cool In Summer Naturally

image of summer heat depicting how to cool a home naturally

Families are keen on staying cool from the heat of the sun. It can be difficult to do this when the house is not equipped with an air conditioner. Even for those who have an AC, the challenge lies in keeping energy bills low. This article discusses natural cooling strategies to get through the season.

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Simple Strategies For Cooling A Room Without Air Conditioning

man cooling himself with a fan due to no air conditioner in room

Some homes have several rooms that are consistently hotter than others. Those within such a room are usually uncomfortable and eager for relief. There are also a number of old and historic homes that usually lack air conditioning. This article will share nine simple strategies for cooling down a room that lacks proper air conditioning.

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Heat Pump Keeps Tripping Breaker

image of a breaker box depicting a heat pump keeps tripping breaker

It is never good when an appliance causes your circuit breaker to trip. It is an especially big issue if the heat pump is the reason behind it because your home comfort is also affected. This article discusses some of the common causes and solutions for a heat pump that keeps tripping the circuit breaker.

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Buying A New Home? Consider The HVAC System Too!

image of a house for sale depicting buying a house with an old hvac unit

Buying a house can be an intimidating undertaking. While you are probably excited to be looking for a new home, it’s also likely that you feel anxious about buying a good property without too many hassles or headaches. One aspect to consider is buying a house with an old HVAC.

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Air Conditioner Troubleshooting: Smoke Coming From Vents When AC Is On

air conditioning vent with ac unit that is blowing smoke

Your cooling system plays a vital function for your family’s comfort during the summer. However, what should you do if you notice that there is smoke coming out of the vents when your air conditioner is on? This article will help you identify potential issues and solutions to an air conditioning problem like this.

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The Importance Of Enough Space Around Your Outdoor AC Unit

image of an air conditioner condenser

Air conditioners require breathing room. They perform better and survive longer with adequate clearance and airflow. Consequently, homeowners should keep an eye on their outside air conditioners. However, the real question is how much clearance is necessary? Continue reading to find out more about the space required for AC outdoor unit.

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Going Green With Your HVAC System

image of efficiency rating depicting eco-friendly heating and cooling system

Heating and cooling take roughly half of the energy utilized in a standard American home, as stated by the US Energy Information Administration. If you want to reduce your total energy usage and your environmental and financial expenses, you must be certain that your heating and cooling unit is energy-efficient and fully functional.

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Auxiliary Heat vs Emergency Heat On A Heat Pump

homeowner adjusting thermostat for heat pump using auxiliary vs emergency heat

There are several heat pump settings you might not be familiar with when you look at your thermostat, such as emergency heat and auxiliary heat. Many homeowners have used these settings at some point, possibly without realizing it. Read this article to take a closer peek at auxiliary heat vs emergency heat.

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