Why Is Condensation On Air Ducts A Cause For Concern?

what is hvac ductwork condensation

Air duct condensation poses risks to HVAC systems and indoor air quality, as moisture buildup can foster mold and mildew, impacting health and air circulation. This condensation can also harm the ductwork, affecting its structure and efficiency. Understanding the causes and effects of this condensation is crucial for maintaining HVAC health and performance.

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Why Is Furnace Sizing So Important?

image of Why Is Furnace Sizing So Important

Oversized furnaces aren’t always the best option. It’s essential to choose a furnace that aligns with your home’s needs rather than merely picking the largest one. Proper furnace sizing is complex, so consult with an experienced HVAC contractor to ensure compatibility. This article emphasizes the significance of correct furnace sizing.

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Top Reasons Your Furnace Won’t Turn Off

image of an hvac contractor repairing a furnace that won't turn off

Furnaces provide homeowners with steady, reliable heat during the coldest of weather. Like all machinery, these systems are dependable but not immune to issues. A common heating concern is the failure to power down as expected. This article explores the typical causes and potential remedies for a furnace that won’t turn off.

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Air Handler vs Furnace: What’s the Difference Between Them?

image of the word decisions depicting air handler vs furnace hvac systems

If your aging HVAC system is not performing well, it may be time to explore modern replacements. One option that many ask us about is the air handler. This article explores the distinctions between the air handler vs furnace, providing valuable insights to help you make the best decision for your HVAC upgrade.

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7 Must-Have Accessories to Improve HVAC Performance

image of must have depicting must-have hvac accessories

Modern homes rely on HVAC systems to offer comfort. Achieving peak performance and optimal efficiency requires the use of appropriate HVAC accessories. These indispensable accessories safeguard your comfort, well-being, and the endurance of your HVAC setup. This guide delves into some of the most favored HVAC accessories for residential spaces.

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Is Your HVAC System Protected From Power Surges?

image of an electrical storm depicting hvac surge protection

HVAC systems are crucial in modern homes and offices, providing occupants with a safe and comfortable indoor space. However, these systems are vulnerable to power surges that can result in significant damage and downtime. A power surge means an electrical current suddenly rushes through the system, which may damage critical components.

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What To Do With Your Air Conditioner When Summer Ends

image of leaves and end of summer depicting end of summer air conditioner tips

After a productive summer, it’s time to allow the cooling system to rest as you shift your attention to home heating. However, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to shut down the unit properly. This article delves into crucial subjects aimed at assisting homeowners in maintaining their AC systems at summer’s end.

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Why Are My Lights Flickering When My AC Turns On?

Flickering or dimming lights when you switch on your air conditioning unit is a prevalent issue that many people encounter. Numerous factors can contribute to this phenomenon. This guide aims to shed light on the most common causes as well as offer practical tips on addressing and resolving the problem yourself.

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Understanding the Hazards of Using an Old Air Conditioner

old air conditioner system compressor

Homeowners aim to maximize their investment in air conditioners by keeping them as long as possible. However, extending the AC lifespan beyond prime years can lead to negative experiences. Eventually, replacement becomes necessary. This article discusses some of the hazards that are associated with using an old air conditioning unit.

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When To Call Emergency HVAC Services

image of note with words important depicting when to call for hvac emergency services

Your HVAC system is probably one of the most important appliances during extreme weather conditions. When your heater or air conditioner malfunctions, you can call for emergency HVAC services. Uncertain about whether you are facing an HVAC emergency? Continue reading to familiarize yourself with the most common indicators of emergency heating and cooling issues.

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