How Does An Oil Heating System Work?

image of knitted gloves on radiator of an oil-fired home heating system

Oil heating systems offer clean and safe operation, along with a longer lifespan compared to other fuel systems. These systems are cost-effective and efficient. Newer systems, in particular, often have impressive annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings. In this article, we answer the question, “How does an oil heating system work?”.

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Does Your Furnace Overheat?

image of a gas furnace and flame

The peak of the winter is when heating problems start becoming obvious. This is typical as your furnace is working overtime to keep your home warm and comfortable when outdoor temps are so cold. For instance, a common problem that occurs is an overheating furnace. This article discusses more on this topic.

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Does My Air Conditioning Unit Need a Cover in the Winter?

ac unit in winter without an air conditioner cover

The winter means you should determine the areas in your home that need to be prioritized. Generally, the winterization process includes insulating outdoor faucets, addressing air drafts, booking professional HVAC service, and more. At this time, many homeowners ask if they should use an air conditioner cover. Click the link to explore this topic.

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My Furnace Turns On But No Heat – Why?

image of a homeowner in front of space heater depicting furnace blowing cold air

Going without home heating in the peak of the winter is frustrating and places families at risk. Consulting an HVAC professional helps you find the source of the heating problem and get a fast solution. In this article, we discuss a common furnace issue – the furnace turns on but does not produce any heat.

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Best Ways To Maintain Your Hydronic Heating System

image of residential oil boiler room

Like automobiles, a hydronic heating system requires proper servicing and maintenance to function as expected. Fortunately, homeowners with the right information can play a significant role in maintaining their systems. This article discusses some maintenance tasks that a professional should perform and others that a homeowner should take care of.

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Heat Pump Never Reaches Good Temperature In Cold Weather

image of a homeowner feeling chilly due to heat pump not keeping up during winter

Heat pumps help keep us warm during the cold season. However, homeowners should set realistic goals and choose the best solution with this type of system. This article discusses a common heat pump issue that homeowners complain about: a heat pump not keeping up when the temperatures outside are cold.

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What Is An AFUE Rating?

image of energy efficiency and home heating furnace

The HVAC system is responsible for half of your household’s energy consumption. To compensate for surging energy costs, then focus your efforts on your cooling and heating system. For example, if you have an old heating system, replace it with one that has a high AFUE. This article discusses more on AFUE ratings.

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Do Leaky Windows Affect How My Home Is Heated?

image of a window in winter depicting window air leaks

Homeowners rely on heating systems to work hard throughout the winter season. Unfortunately, if the windows, doors, or attics of the home are out of date or not sealed correctly, air leakage can be a big problem. This article will explain how an improperly sealed home can negatively affect the home heating system.

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Furnace Will Not Turn On With Thermostat

woman feeling cold at home checking the thermostat and furnace not heating

When the cold weather creeps in, people rush to their thermostat for comfort. With the press of a few buttons, the furnace will turn on and begin its heating cycle. Furnaces are reliable; however, problems may arise. A common one is when a furnace will not turn on with the thermostat.

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