How To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For The Fall Season

end of summer air conditioner maintenanceThe long, sweat-inducing days of summer are known for bringing oppressive heat. However, autumn comes with its own concerns. As the weather grows cooler, tree-fall clutters your yard and blocks your gutters. Consequently, you’ll hardly be thinking about your indoor air conditioning system.

Surprisingly, however, this is one of the most important times of the year to check up on and maintain your home cooling equipment. There are a lot of steps that you can take to ensure that this equipment starts right back up when you need it.

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End Of Season Air Conditioner Maintenance Bradley Beach NJ

In this article, we discuss some end of the summer tasks that you should incorporate into your to-do list. By following these air conditioner maintenance tasks, you can ensure that your cooling system is properly cared for and maintained, especially after the hard work and stress it endured.

1. Change Or Clean The Unit’s Air Filter

After months of regular use and near-constant demand, your air conditioner’s filter will have likely collected a lot of dirt and debris. Changing it out now helps limit wear and tear on the unit given that a dirty, clogged filter can push an HVAC system to its limits. The result will be cleaner air and fewer problems going forward.

2. Clean The HVAC Air Vents

cleaning hvac air ventsJust like your air conditioner’s filter, the HVAC vents can have considerable build-ups of dirt, dander, and other particulates at this time. Cleaning this system out ahead of the cold weather season will result in a significantly improved indoor air quality.

Residents who are prone to seasonal allergies or who live with chronic respiratory conditions will be able to breathe much easier. These efforts can also eliminate any pervasive, musty odors when the heater is first turned on.

3. Schedule A Professional Duct Cleaning Service

If the air vents are incredibly dusty, or if they emit visible plumes of dust, you may want to hire professional duct cleaning services. Taking care of this ahead of fall is important given that most people keep their living environments fairly well sealed off throughout the months of winter.

With fewer opened windows and opened doors, having dirty ducts will leave you breathing in pet hair, dead skin cells, and other unsavory debris.

4. Take Care Of The Outside Condenser Unit

You should examine the outdoor condenser unit as well. This is especially vital to do if you have lots of leaves and other tree-fall in the area. These obstructions might block or otherwise hinder the performance of this component. Clear out all debris and inspect the condenser for damage. Debris removal prevents leaves, dirt, and other elements from getting inside of the condenser coils or working their way deeper into the unit.

If you notice any problems or see any significant damage, contact an HVAC professional to have the condenser professionally inspected.

Given that your AC system isn’t going to be used for quite a few months, you can go ahead and protect it from the elements. Just place a durable piece of plywood over the fan opening. This way, small pests, and other critters won’t find their way inside. Moreover, the mechanized, interior components won’t be exposed to the worst of the outdoor weather.

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5. Schedule An Air Conditioner Tune-Up Appointment

Fall is also the perfect time to schedule air conditioner maintenance. Far too many homeowners wait until the hot season is again upon them. When this happens, most HVAC companies will be inundated with service requests. Consequently, you may need to wait a bit longer to have essential work performed. It is often cheaper and easier to have HVAC companies perform service calls right after the cooling season. Once this visit is done, you can rest assured that your unit will be primed and ready to go when the following summer arrives.

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