Common Air Conditioner Problems You May Face During The Summer

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Without a working air conditioner, summers can be hot and intolerable. Owners should check out their AC system and make sure it is in good condition before the peak of the season arrives. By knowing the most common AC problems and the ways to prevent them, you can make your summer stress-free and comfortable. Even better, you can keep small air conditioner problems from escalating while avoiding hefty cooling repair costs.

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Common Air Conditioner Problems You May Face During The Summer

This article discusses typical AC problems that owners run into.

1. Air Conditioner Does Not Turn On

If your circuit breaker tripped, your air conditioner will be totally unresponsive. Check to see if any plugs are loose and reset it. You can also check to see if the batteries in the thermostat are dead. If this issue continues, contact an HVAC professional.

2. Your Air Conditioner Is Making Noises

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Any odd noises you hear from your AC are not normal. The only noise you should hear is a low hum. Different sounds can mean different problems. For example, a hissing sound can signify an AC refrigerant leak, a clicking noise indicates relay issues, and rattling can suggest electrical faults. An experienced HVAC technician will be able to diagnose the problem after they hear any sounds.

3. Your AC Unit Isn’t Blowing Cold Air

An air conditioner’s job is to cool down your house. If it’s not doing this, take a look at the air filter to see if it is clogged with dirt. Dirt will prevent free airflow. Another possibility is that the condenser froze. This will reduce the ability of the system to cool your home. Check and replace the filters often to avoid this.

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4. The AC Condenser Is Freezing Up

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A situation like this may occur because of many reasons. For example, the temperature outside could be really low or the coolant may have run out due to a refrigerant leak. It could be an issue with the blower motor or not enough airflow. The only way to know what is wrong is to have an HVAC tech check it out.

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5. AC Refrigerant Leak

If the refrigerant leaks, your air conditioner will not be able to perform correctly. This will result in increased power consumption, uneven cooling, frozen coils, or even a damaged compressor. To get ahead of a leak, make sure you have regular inspections performed on an annual basis.

6. Frozen Evaporator Coil

HVAC technician looking at AC evaporator coil

To prevent freezing, the evaporator coil requires a lot of airflow. If you suspect this is the problem, check the pathway for blockage. It may be due to dirty air filters, a broken fan, or clogged vents. Keeping up with maintenance and cleaning will help avoid this issue.

7. AC Leaking Water

On humid days, condensation can build up in the coils. Usually, moisture moves out of the AC unit through drainage channels. But when these channels are broken or blocked, they can cause a water leak. This can occur from improper installation, broken condensate pans, or blocked drain pipes. Regularly cleaning will avoid this problem.

8. Air Conditioner Drainage Problem

Poor drainage can lead to unpleasant things like the growth of fungi and bacteria or foul odors. This happens because there is stagnant water in your air conditioner. Regular maintenance and inspections from experienced HVAC technicians can prevent these things from happening.

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9. Electrical Control Failure

Air conditioners are the most effective when they stay in a constant state. Wear and tear in the compressor can be increased by frequent cycling. The blower and fan motor controls also can be negatively affected. These controls can contribute to electric control failure.

10. Sensor Problem

Your air conditioner knows when to turn off and turn on based on the current temperature in the room. Thermostat sensors are responsible for recognizing this temperature. If your sensor is not placed in the correct spot, you can get improper readings. Have a technician calibrate or fix its position.

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Simple Steps To Prevent Problems With Your Air Conditioning Unit

  • Check The HVAC Filter: A dirty filter can cause a multitude of issues. It’s important to replace your filters often, usually around once every one to three months, depending on your home. Also, replace it if you notice the surfaces are clogged even if this is before you usually would replace it.
  • Ensure Proper Airflow: Make sure the vents are open and are not blocked by things like furniture or curtains. These can cause poor airflow.
  • Clean The Condensing Unit: Dirty coils occur when debris and dirt collect on the outdoor unit. This means the AC will not be able to transfer heat outside as effectively. To fix this, make sure you clean it regularly and remove anything on it such as leaves, twigs, or other debris.
  • Install A Programmable Thermostat: Install programmable thermostats that have great performance and calibration. With these devices, you can set timers for your schedule and preferred temperature to reduce energy use.



The easiest way to prevent your AC system from failing is to be proactive with cleaning and monitoring. Stick to a maintenance schedule and have experts regularly do tune-ups and inspections. Contact an experienced HVAC professional if repairs are needed. They can solve your problem easily and at reasonable rates.


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