Common Air Conditioning Problems And Solutions

air conditioner repairSummer is just around the corner. Homeowners are preparing their air conditioners for the hottest months of the year. However, homeowners should also get themselves ready for the things that they might encounter throughout the season. At the very least, they should become familiar with the most common air conditioning problems and solutions. This knowledge will allow them to deal with issues quickly and effectively.

Signs That You Need To Call For An Air Conditioner Repair Red Bank NJ

In this article, we will share a few examples of the top concerns that we tend to encounter.

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1. The Air Conditioner Does Not Turn On As Expected

If the air conditioning unit refuses to show signs of life, then you will be entirely at the mercy of the sun’s heat. It is vital to find out the root cause because this will determine the proper response.

One of the first things that you should check is the power connection. Perhaps the plug is loose, there are frayed wires, or the circuit breaker is off. If the unit’s power light is on, then the thermostats should be inspected. Maybe the batteries are dead and require replacement. You should also doublecheck the settings. If nothing changes after these initial steps, then call in a professional HVAC contractor for help.

2. The Air Conditioner Is Not Providing Enough Cooling

broken air conditionerSometimes the A/C will produce cool air but not at the level that you want it to be. If this happens at the peak of summer, then you may find yourself sweating inside your house. This problem could be a result of a clogged air filter, as the dirt on the surface will prevent air from passing through. The thermostat settings might also wrong, in which case you can enter a colder temperature to see what happens. Other culprits include bad perimeter air circulation and refrigerant leaks. Call in a professional as an HVAC expert will know what to do.

3. Parts Of The House Are Cold While Others Are Not

If you have a centralized air conditioning setup, then the cooling should be even throughout the house. However, there are cases where one room feels much colder than another. Many things can cause uneven cooling, such as poor insulation, blocked registers, and leaky ducts. Technicians may need to clean the whole system, find leaks, and remove blockages. They can identify poorly insulated areas and offer solutions.

4. Water Droplets Are Coming Out Of The Cooling Unit

Condensation happens when humid air gets near the cold coils. Moisture builds up until the beads of water fall down. A drainage system is supposed to take care of this, but clogs may prevent the water’s proper exit. It could overflow and make a mess on the floor of the room. Regular cleaning can prevent this. HVAC contractors can provide annual maintenance work that includes this task. Be sure to call your local HVAC technician to schedule an annual AC tune-up.

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5. The AC System Is Producing Loud Noises

loud HVAC systemIt can be hard to sleep at night if the air conditioner keeps making loud noises. Screeching sounds may indicate a faulty belt or a bad bearing. A lubricant will reduce friction and may reduce the noise. Rattling sounds, on the other hand, point to a motor problem. It would be hard to fix this yourself, so do the right thing and call in a professional HVAC company. They will know what the issue is and offer the best solutions.

6. The Energy Bill Is Increasing At An Alarming Rate

Air conditioners are notorious for using up a lot of power during regular operation. Getting a high-efficiency model can help keep consumption at a reasonable rate.

However, aging systems are known to become less efficient over time due to wear and tear and problems like refrigerant leaks. If the energy bill suddenly balloons, then you might want to get your unit checked by a competent HVAC technician.

Professional HVAC contractors have faced these problems countless times over the years. They can figure out the root cause and implement the right solution quickly. Be sure to call as soon as you suspect issues with your unit.

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