Summer Ready AC: Essential Tips For Optimal Performance

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With the arrival of summer, it’s crucial to ready your air conditioning (AC) system for the upcoming high temperatures. By making sure your air conditioner is in top condition, you’ll enjoy efficient performance and avoid the hassle and expense of breakdowns during the peak of summer heat. Drawing on its deep knowledge of maintaining air conditioners, Lawes Company is prepared to help you with a detailed preparation strategy. This article contains air conditioner tips for summer and essential advice, offering actionable steps that improve its efficiency and dependability as temperatures rise.

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Tips for Preparing Your Air Conditioning Unit for Summer

As the days grow warmer, ensuring your air conditioner operates at its best is vital. Below are some essential tips to help you get started:

Air Conditioner Inspection & Maintenance

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Consider arranging for a professional air conditioning system inspection early in the spring. This proactive approach helps you avoid the rush and ensures your system is checked thoroughly and promptly.

Getting an inspection done early can help spot and fix any issues before they escalate into major problems in the middle of summer. Since air conditioners are most likely to fail during periods of high usage, taking care of issues early can prevent discomfort and avoid the expense of unexpected repairs later.

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Why Is Air Conditioner Maintenance Important?

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Securing a professional preseason tune-up is critical to ensure your AC is summer-ready. This thorough inspection should cover refrigerant levels, electrical connections, and the system’s overall efficiency. Such an in-depth check-up aids in detecting potential problems that could hinder your unit’s performance when needed most.

A professional tune-up assures you that your system is tuned for optimal efficiency and reliability during the warmer months. This proactive step not only boosts comfort but also prolongs the life of your air conditioning unit. It’s also one of the most crucial air conditioner tips for summer.

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Optimize HVAC Airflow

Regular cleaning or replacing air filters is crucial for boosting your HVAC system’s efficiency and improving air quality. This maintenance ensures optimal airflow and enhances the air quality within your space.

Furthermore, it’s essential to ensure that vents and registers are free from blockages. Reposition furniture or other items that could obstruct airflow through indoor vents. Taking these measures is vital to maintaining even air distribution and optimizing the performance of your air conditioning unit during the summer months.

Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance

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Keeping your outdoor air conditioner unit well-maintained is vital for optimal efficiency and an extended lifespan. To facilitate better air circulation, ensure that there is a minimum of 2 feet of clearance around the unit. This includes clearing debris, leaves, or overgrown vegetation that might block airflow.

Regularly check the condenser coil for any accumulation of dirt or debris. Cleaning these obstructions is crucial as they can reduce the unit’s efficiency, forcing it to work harder, which then causes higher energy usage and increased wear and tear.

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Thermostat Settings for Summer

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Adjusting your thermostat settings to match your summer routine can significantly improve energy efficiency. Set your programmable thermostat to align with when you’re usually home and away, optimizing cooling when necessary and reducing it when it’s not.

Additionally, make the most of the eco-modes available on your smart thermostat. These settings automatically adjust the cooling based on whether you are home or away and during sleeping hours to save energy while keeping you comfortable. This approach cuts down on energy use and helps decrease your utility bills.

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Cooling System Upgrades

Installing smart vents can enhance your cooling system’s efficiency. These advanced vents automatically regulate airflow to different rooms, ensuring ideal temperature distribution and minimizing energy waste.

If your air conditioner is older, upgrading to a newer, high-efficiency model is a smart choice. Contemporary air conditioners are engineered to use energy more efficiently, which can substantially reduce your energy expenses in the long run. This upgrade improves comfort and aids in environmental sustainability by lowering your total energy use.

Enhance Indoor Comfort

Using ceiling fans in conjunction with your air conditioning can effectively boost indoor comfort during the warm summer months. Ceiling fans promote air movement within rooms, letting you raise the thermostat setting slightly while still keeping a comfortable atmosphere. This strategy can lessen the burden on your air conditioner and reduce energy expenditures.

It’s also important to control indoor humidity for optimal comfort; integrating dehumidifiers with your AC system can help maintain ideal humidity levels. This combined method elevates comfort and keeps mold and mildew from growing, which flourish in damp conditions. Consider consulting Lawes Company about whole-house dehumidifiers that can operate alongside your air conditioning system.

Energy Efficiency Best Practices

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To ensure energy efficiency in your home throughout the summer, insulating and sealing leaks around windows, doors, and ductwork is essential. This helps keep cool air inside, lightening the load on your air conditioner and saving energy.

Furthermore, adopting practices that reduce heat can boost efficiency. Utilize shades or blackout curtains to block intense sunlight during peak hours, opt for outdoor grilling to keep indoor heat generation low, dress in appropriate summer attire, and switch to LED lighting, which produces less heat than traditional bulbs. These measures collectively keep your home cooler, decreasing the dependence on air conditioning and enhancing energy savings.

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Preventative Air Conditioner Component Replacements

It’s crucial to regularly replace worn components in your air conditioning system to prevent breakdowns during the intense summer months. A professional check and replace any worn belts or motors is highly recommended, as these parts are especially prone to failure under heavy use.

Make sure that capacitors, essential for your AC unit’s efficient operation, are inspected and in good working order. Capacitors frequently cause malfunctions in air conditioners during the summer; maintaining them properly can help avoid sudden and disruptive failures, ensuring consistent performance all season long.

Emergency Cooling Preparedness

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Preparation for unexpected air conditioning problems during the hot months is essential. Begin by acquainting yourself with the basics of your AC unit; knowing simple troubleshooting techniques can enable you to identify and quickly solve minor issues promptly.

Additionally, maintain a list of emergency contacts for AC repair services, including Lawes Company. Keeping these contacts at hand ensures you can quickly call for professional help when urgent cooling issues arise, reducing discomfort and preventing more extensive damage to your system.

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Use Natural Cooling Methods: Cross-Ventilation & Window Opening

This approach might not directly prepare your air conditioner for summer, but it helps avoid overtaxing your system. Employ natural cooling strategies like cross-ventilation and opening windows during more excellent parts of the day. Cross-ventilation is achieved by opening windows on opposite sides of your home, making a pathway for air to flow through. This method leverages natural breezes to cool your home, reducing your reliance on air conditioning.

By opening windows during cooler times, like early morning or late evening, you can bring fresh, cool air into your home and push out the warmer air. This method helps keep the indoor temperature comfortable and decreases dependence on mechanical cooling systems. This leads to energy savings and offers environmental benefits.


Preparing your air conditioning system for summer is crucial for ensuring a comfortable, efficient, and reliable cooling season. Taking proactive measures such as early inspections, consistent maintenance, and appropriate upgrades can boost your AC’s performance, minimize breakdown risks, and enhance energy efficiency. These steps will keep your space cool, help reduce energy bills, and extend the lifespan of your system.

For professional AC inspection, maintenance, or upgrades, reach out to Lawes Company. Their expert services guarantee a cool and stress-free summer, providing peace of mind as you enjoy the warmer months.

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