Best Ways To Cool Your House Without Breaking The Bank

energy costsCranking up the air conditioner is the easiest way to stay cool in the summer. However, this will lead to massive energy consumption and rising monthly bills. Also, it will overstrain your air conditioning unit, leading to frequent HVAC malfunctions and repairs. Instead, it is more productive to find the best methods to keep comfortable without overworking your AC unit and spiking your cooling costs.

There are plenty of ways to cool your home without breaking the bank. Homeowners should be aware of these methods so they can implement them and have an enjoyable, comfortable summer.

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How To Stay Cool Without Spiking Your Air Conditioning Costs Avon By The Sea NJ

Below, we discuss some ways to stay cool without paying a fortune:

1. Upgrade To LED Bulbs In Your Home

Old incandescent bulbs are inefficient. Much of the energy they consume get converted to heat, thus warming the house at night. LED bulbs can minimize heat generation while consuming less power. Upgrade your lighting system today. The house will be cooler, and the electric bills will be lower.

2. Use A Programmable Thermostat & Set It Correctly

thermostatOutdoor temperature and household cooling requirements fluctuate throughout the day. It makes sense to vary the AC settings in response to these changes. Make the changes happen automatically by using a programmable thermostat. For example, have the AC’s temperature turned up while everyone is away at school or at the office.

3. Prevent & Eliminate Any Air Leakage

If only a certain portion of the house is occupied, then make sure that the cold air stays inside this area. Close the door to prevent air from escaping. You also should take the time to seal cracks around the doors, windows, and walls.

4. Lower Your Indoor Humidity

High humidity can make us feel hot and uncomfortable even when you set the AC to a low temperature. We can use a dehumidifier to reduce indoor humidity. Scheduling showers, laundry work, and dishwashing to the cooler hours of the day will also help.

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5. Block The Sunlight From Entering Your Home

Pay attention to the parts of the house that face the west and the south. These will experience the most significant amount of sunlight. Be sure to cover the windows with blinds or thick blackout curtains. Keep these closed throughout the day.

6. Get Additional Cooling Solutions

electric fanInstead of relying solely on your AC, consider using fans throughout the home. Putting an exhaust fan in the kitchen will reduce heat build-up due to cooking while adding one in the bathroom will lower humidity. A small desk fan is portable enough to carry with you around the house to increase the cooling sensation.

7. Use Cotton Bed Sheets

Thick and warm sheets are great during winter, but they can quickly feel uncomfortable during the summer. Thick flannel sheets can ruin your sleep and prevent you from having a well-deserved rest. It is a good idea to change to lighter cotton sheets or try other fabrics with enhanced breathability.

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8. Configure Your Ceiling Fan

ceiling fanCeiling fans can be set to turn either clockwise or counterclockwise. The latter is the ideal setup in the summer. It will pull down cold air and direct it towards you. You should feel the wind chill effect from evaporative cooling. With the cooling effect of a fan, you can increase the temperature on your thermostat. That allows you to pay less on your air conditioning costs.

9. Take Advantage & Cook Outdoors

Using the oven or the stove for long periods will certainly make the kitchen warm. That heat will eventually permeate the whole house. Avoid this by cooking outdoors on your grill. This is especially helpful in the summer since you will decrease the load on the AC.

10. Have Your Air Conditioner Tuned-Up

Lastly, contact an HVAC contractor for air conditioner tune-up. Cooling technicians will clean your cooling system, perform maintenance work, and fix problems at their earliest stages. Your unit will perform better, use up less power, and provide greater reliability. Greater efficiency will translate into reduced energy bills.

Annual air conditioner maintenance is one of the best ways to prolong your system’s service life. This will also keep you more comfortable while preventing equipment breakdowns.

Find a reliable service provider with years of experience and a good reputation. This small investment will pay big dividends in terms of long-term savings.

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