Signs Your Air Conditioner May Actually Be Making You Sick

air conditioning sickness symptomsWe use our air conditioners to keep cool and comfortable. Our dependence reaches its peak in the summer when they can be virtual lifesavers. However, these household appliances can also have detrimental effects on our health if they aren’t properly maintained or if they are incorrectly used. Homeowners must be vigilant in spotting symptoms. If the root cause is not correctly identified, then the illness will continue to get worse no matter the treatment.

Air Conditioning Sickness Symptoms You Should Know About

Below are some of the most common signs that the AC may be making you sick:

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1. Breathing Problems When The AC Is On

Air conditioners are responsible not just for cooling but also for air circulation and cleaning. They have HVAC filters that are meant to stop dust, dirt, mold, pollen, and other harmful particles from entering the house. Naturally, persistent breathing problems are likely to be traced to the AC. People with existing respiratory ailments like asthma and emphysema get hit the hardest. Perhaps the filters are no longer effective at their job and are due for replacement. Maybe layers of dirt have built up in the ducts such that the system requires thorough cleaning. Regardless, be sure to call your HVAC service provider right away.

2. Headaches & Sick Building Syndrome

dirty hvac air filterSometimes you can feel sick without any real reason that you can think of. You might feel tired all the time despite having enough sleep. You might suffer from frequent bouts of headache. When you go to a doctor, you might be given a clean bill of health even if you feel that things are not quite right. This issue might be explained by “sick building syndrome.” A study found that working in a building with central air conditioning makes it more likely for employees to feel sick and miss work. Therefore, you must stay aware of any symptoms that could stem from your air conditioning unit.

3. Dry Skin From Lack Of Humidity

Aside from reducing the room temperature, air conditioners also lower the humidity in the home. This should make your home feel even cooler, but it can also have negative side effects. For example, your skin and lips may become very dry. That’s because the air will pull the moisture from your skin. You will have to apply moisturizers and lip balms regularly. If you are experiencing this, then a quick fix would be to install humidifiers in the home to restore balance. Find a setting that keeps you cool while preventing dryness. Talk to your HVAC contractor about a whole-house humidifier.

4. Your HVAC System Can Cause Ears, Nose, & Throat Issues

Spending a great part of your day in air-conditioned spaces increases the likelihood of health issues, according to studies that spanned more than twenty years. The ears, nose, and throat are usually the parts of the body that are most often affected. This high incidence might be due to constant exposure to recirculated dirty air from the central AC. Regular filter replacement and fresh air are the best antidotes for this problem. If a lot of the workers are experiencing the same symptoms, then the matter should be brought up to the management. In a home, owners must check their filters every month so that they can act as needed. Furthermore, an annual AC tune-up will help keep your system clean.

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5. Increased Blood Pressure & Your Air Conditioner

Our environment’s temperature can affect our blood pressure as our body adapts to outside stimulus. For example, being in a cold place forces our bodies to find ways to avoid losing body heat. The arteries in the skin can constrict, which means there are smaller passages for the blood to flow. This increases the blood pressure. If you can have control of the AC settings, then place it at mild temperatures to limit this effect. Find the minimum temperature setting that allows you to stay cool and keep it there.

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As you can see, every problem has a solution. The important thing is to be aware of the possible issues and to act quickly once you recognize the cause.

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