What Happens When You Skip Annual Furnace Maintenance?

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Just like any other machine, your furnace requires annual furnace maintenance. This will ensure that your system is in excellent working condition. Furnace maintenance is recommended to be done at least once a year. Many homeowners know of this but still fail to do the task for some reason. They think that their furnace is best left alone for now as long as there are no apparent signs of wear and tear. Unfortunately, this same behavior affects how your heating system performs, and it is likely to experience several problems as time passes.

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What Happens When You Skip Annual Furnace Maintenance?

This article will discuss the different issues that can happen when you neglect to schedule yearly furnace maintenance.

Not Addressing Furnace Problems Early On

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Most homeowners are not trained to assess whether an issue is beginning to develop with their furnaces. On the other hand, a professional has the training and experience to see the early signs that your heating system has. Determining these problems early on means that they can be fixed before they escalate into bigger problems. It also means that the solution is most likely an easy, cheap, and prompt one. Keep in mind that having your furnace checked by a professional HVAC contractor regularly prevents it from having major breakdowns. It also keeps you from having to spend on expensive repairs.

Shorter Furnace Lifespan

Your heating system is composed of many different parts. The whole system’s performance is affected if one or more parts are malfunctioning. It won’t be as energy-efficient, and your home comfort will drop. Neglecting to get the damaged parts repaired or replaced as soon as possible also affects your furnace’s other components. As a result, your furnace will have a much shorter lifespan. Furnaces usually last for up to 15 years with regular furnace maintenance. Failure to have it tuned-up annually will drastically shorten this and force you to deal with a heating system replacement prematurely.

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High Home Heating Costs

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A heating system that does not receive annual HVAC tune-ups will work harder to ensure that your home receives the heating it needs. Your furnace uses up more energy as it strains to reach the desired temperatures. This will be reflected on your monthly utility bills. The increase can either be little by little or huge and sudden. One of the reasons homeowners skip on furnace maintenance is usually to save money. However, you only end up spending more down the road. Investing in annual furnace maintenance will make sure that this does not happen to you.

Faulty Heating Systems Increase Fire Risks

It is rare for furnaces to cause fires, but it is a possibility. Therefore, you should take it seriously. A system that is not maintained regularly can turn into a fire hazard. Frayed wires are usually the cause of fires. Without proper HVAC maintenance, this problem can go unnoticed. An expert HVAC technician will make sure that all the furnace wirings are in good condition. Any issue will be taken care of immediately to prevent dangerous situations like fire from happening. Annual maintenance will help you and your family use your furnace safely.

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Reduced Indoor Air Quality

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The air that passes through your furnace contains countless impurities, such as dirt, pollen, dander, and mold spores. Fortunately, your furnace is equipped with an air filter that blocks these contaminants from entering your home. However, these filters get clogged over time. Thus, they lose their effectiveness in filtering out these contaminants. Consequently, the HVAC system distributes dust, bacteria, and other particulates throughout your home. It can lead to allergies or respiratory problems. These impurities also negatively affect your furnace’s overall performance. With proper maintenance, the HVAC contractor replaces the air filters, so you don’t have to deal with this problem.

Home Comfort Decreases

New heating systems provide your home with maximum comfort through uniform heating. You can go anywhere throughout your home and feel cozy and warm due to a consistent temperature throughout the house. As the years pass, however, you might notice that certain areas in your home are warm while others are cold. This can be a sign of system aging. However, hot and cold spots are most likely due to blocked vents.

Regular maintenance will ensure that the vents are clean, leaks are fixed, and the air flows properly throughout your home.

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Void A Furnace Warranty

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Warranties assist owners by helping them with repairs without having to spend a dime. This way, you avoid any sudden expenditures from unexpected breakdowns. You only need to make sure that you do your end of the contract. Manufacturer warranties usually require regular maintenance by experts. Failure to do so means the warranty becomes void. Avoid this by scheduling annual furnace tune-ups. Save all the records so that you have something to show when the manufacturer asks for proof of maintenance.

When To Schedule A Furnace Tune-Up

The best time to book furnace maintenance is late spring to early fall. The mild weather and short wait times work favorably for you. Do not wait until the last minute, as you might end up waiting longer and not even get the time slot that you want. Contact your local trusted HVAC technician today and schedule an annual maintenance appointment.


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