Essential Furnace FAQ That Homeowners Ought To Know

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Temperatures are starting to drop as the winter season quickly approaches. As a homeowner, you need to check your furnace and ensure that it is ready for the cold months of the year. Call in home heating professionals to have them perform a furnace tune-up or perform repairs, if necessary. Scheduling HVAC services might become difficult at the peak of winter. Therefore, you should do it sooner rather than later.

There are so many questions that homeowners have during this season. Most of them want to know which type of furnace service to call for. At this time, guidance is important, especially if they need to shop for a new furnace while considering short-term and long-term costs. This is where experienced HVAC contractors come in. Because of the training and knowledge that an HVAC contractor receives, they are best suited to provide you with comprehensive answers for your particular home heating situation. In this article, we will answer some furnace FAQ that homeowners commonly ask.

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Do I Really Need Maintenance On My Furnace?

The answer is yes. Your furnace must undergo frequent maintenance. Before manufacturers honor the warranty, they need proof of professional maintenance. This should be performed by a professional HVAC contractor annually. A professional furnace tune-up can avoid sudden failures and expensive repairs. A regular furnace tune-up ensures efficiency, safety, and longevity.

When Should I Call For Furnace Repairs?

You should contact HVAC professionals for a repair as soon as you notice an issue with your system. Failure to do this on time only makes the issue worse and also increases the furnace repair cost. Remember that it is easier and cheaper to resolve problems during the initial stages than it is after it has persisted. Contact a furnace repair company that has a good reputation among your local community.

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When Should I Schedule A Furnace Replacement?

Furnaces differ in quality and longevity. For this reason, it is hard to give an exact timeframe on when to replace your unit. With proper care, most brands and models can last for over a decade. However, after this period, you should start saving up for a new one. Installing a new furnace will ensure that you do not lose money on frequent repairs and inefficiency.

What Are Furnace Replacement Signs?

Pilot light failure, worsening corrosion, odd smells, inadequate heat, and delayed ignition are some of the signs indicating that you need a heating system upgrade. Also, if you notice an increase in the unit’s energy consumption, it is best that you replace the furnace. Call an HVAC contractor to get more information.

How Often Should I Replace My Furnace Filters?

Furnace filters prevent dust, dirt, and other debris from entering the unit and your home. This way, they act as a form of protection for indoor air quality. With continuous usage, these filters get clogged up. Therefore, you should make sure that you replace your system’s filter regularly as stated in the user manual. Check the filters after every month to ensure that it is not clogged up and replace it when necessary.

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What Is The Best Type Of Furnace?

The furnace that suits your home is the best one. It should be capable of providing an adequate amount of warmth around the house to keep your home comfortable. Another thing the furnace should have is a high AFUE rating. Most modern heating systems in the US have a rating that is greater than 80%.

How Can I Reduce My Home Heating Bill?

One of the biggest expenses in your household comes from home heating. Conducting regular heating system maintenance can help reduce your bills. Maintenance helps in increasing the system’s efficiency. Therefore, your furnace will consume less fuel throughout the winter season. Another thing you can do to increase energy efficiency is to set the thermostat at milder temperatures.

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How Do I Determine The Size, Or Capacity, Of A Furnace For My Home?

Multiple factors are considered when coming up with the correct furnace size for your home. Among them are the regional climate, the amount of shade from trees, the orientation, the insulation, the ceiling height, and the total floor area. Choose a reputable and highly-experienced HVAC contractor to perform a Manual J load calculation to come up with the exact figures.

How Long Will My New Furnace Last?

A number of factors determine the lifespan of a furnace. Among them is the house you live in. With proper care, you should expect your new unit to last for over 20 years. Apart from that, it should be the right size for your house. The best thing to do to ensure you install a unit that is the right size for your house is to contact an HVAC contractor and ask them to give you the estimates.

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What Is A Furnace’s AFUE Rating?

AFUE is the abbreviation for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ratio. This is the measure of how much heat a unit produces relative to how much fuel it consumes. These figures are usually printed on the faceplate of the furnace and your user manual. Optimally, your furnace AFUE rating should be indicated at 90% and minimally at 80%. Check your user manual for information on how to find your furnace’s AFUE rating.



We do rely on our heating systems to stay warm and comfortable during the cold season. These systems have a life span, but with regular maintenance, the period can be prolonged from just a few years to a decade or so. As a homeowner, make sure that you schedule regular maintenance for your unit.

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