A Guide To Unusual Furnace Noises

homeowner who needs furnace serviceYour furnace is not supposed to function in a completely noiseless manner. As long as the furnace is working in your home, you should expect some noises from it. The point here is that when a heater makes unusual sounds, you need to know what these noises mean. Furthermore, you should know what to do about the noise your furnace is making.

Furnace Repair Services Rumson NJ: A Guide To Unusual Heater Noises

There is only one way to carry out an effective diagnosis if your furnace is making noises. The right move is to get an expert to listen to these noises and recommend the right course of action. In this article, we will discuss some common signs that indicate the need to call in a professional.

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Why Does A Heating System Make A Grinding Noise?

A grinding noise from your furnace could mean that it has a problem with the cage blower. When you hear a grinding sound from your heater, you should turn it off immediately. If you continue using the heater, this might result in extensive damage to your heating system.

Solving the problem, in this case, might be relatively easy. It might be pretty complicated too. It all depends on what we are dealing with and the extent of damage that your furnace is facing. In some cases, you can solve the problem by just tightening your wheel. In other instances, you may need to replace the wheel or the even repair the motor mount.

Get in touch with a professional HVAC company. You can call the experts at any reputable firm, and they will inspect the damage and recommend the perfect solution. If you don’t know of any, search for “furnace repair near my location” or “furnace service near me” to find an HVAC company in your area. Read reviews and peruse their website.

Why Your Furnace Makes A Rattling Sound

A rattling noise from your furnace probably means you might have something stuck in your filter. In this case, the stuck item in the filter is a result of the object flapping about as the air blows through the filter.

This scenario may also result in a flapping or squeaking noise, but you should not hit the panic buttons just yet. Your HVAC expert can solve the problem by merely replacing your filters and putting them back in the right place. An item stuck in your filter does not cost you a lot of money and should not lead to any severe complications if the experts take care of the problem without delay.

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Is Your Furnace Booming?

heating system soundsA booming might give the impression that something is seriously wrong with your heating system. A partial blockage of the burner assembly usually causes this noise such as an accumulation of carbon particles. When these particles gather inside the particle assembly, the result is the booming noise you hear. Just call a professional to clean out the burner assembly to solve the problem.

You should not wait until problems appear in the heating system before you call in the experts. A regular tune-up or maintenance inspection will help prevent these problems in the first place. When it comes to combustion issues within a heating system, you should be more proactive before they become serious.

Heater Noises: Squealing

A gummed up filter might cause a squeaking sound. A blocked filter creates a whistling noise when the air is escaping from a smaller hole.

In some cases, friction causes this noise. This usually happens when some parts rub together in the blower motor.

A simple solution here is to apply a bit of lubrication, and the problem is solved. Call an HVAC contractor to take care of the problem. An HVAC expert will always do an excellent job for you. Once again, scheduling regular tune-ups help prevent issues like these since a tune-up includes the lubrication of your system’s parts.

Be sure to search for “gas furnace repair near me” or “furnace cleaning near me” instead of “cheap furnace repair near me”. When it comes to your HVAC system, you want to work with only the most experienced and qualified technicians. Price should be a secondary factor. You certainly don’t want to go for the most affordable furnace repair and end up paying for the same repair twice! Instead, choose a reputable company with licensed and experienced technicians who offer affordable furnace service costs and high-quality work.

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Thumping Sounds & Your Heating System

A thumping noise is an indication that the blower wheel is unbalanced.

This sound may also be an indication of severe problems so do not waste any time when you hear this sound. Get an expert to look at your furnace and solve the problem. Promptly responding to a sound like this will help further and more costly issues.

In fact, you can apply the early solution approach to all the problems we have talked about here. Getting the issues solved early will get your furnace back to good working order, and it will help save on furnace repair costs.


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