Are There Really Any Benefits That Come With A Furnace Tune-Up?

HVAC technicianThe US Energy Information Administration reports that over half of a home’s energy bills comes from their home heating and cooling costs. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many homeowners are looking for ways to lower their bills. Fortunately, there are methods to achieve a high level of comfort without paying a fortune for it. This winter, you can also start saving on your heating bills.

An energy-efficient furnace means lower utility bills. You can achieve this efficiency by conducting regular preventative maintenance. Contact a trained HVAC technician to assist you with your heating and cooling concerns.

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Benefits Of A Furnace Tune-Up Shrewsbury NJ

Even though you may not have had any problems with your furnace last year, it is still vital to conduct a tune-up on an annual basis. Furnace maintenance impacts the safety, comfort, and energy costs of your home. Below, we have listed five benefits a furnace tune-up can bring you.

Furnace Efficiency

energy costsWhen a technician comes and performs a furnace tune-up, they should use a comprehensive furnace tune-up checklist to ensure that they conduct a thorough inspection. It includes inspecting and cleaning the heat exchanger and furnace burner. They will also clean and lubricate your unit. A maintenance checkup ensures that all dust and grime are cleaned off your furnace. It makes sure that every component in your system is in excellent condition. This way, your heating system achieves maximum efficiency.

When your furnace is running at peak efficiency, it means that you are using less energy. This improved efficiency performance translates to saving money when it comes to your monthly utility bills. More importantly, you won’t have to deal with a furnace malfunction and lose heat in the middle of winter.

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Fewer Repairs

Preventative maintenance catches small heating problems before they escalate into major repairs. Furnaces that do not receive annual tune-ups tend to break down during the winter. Consequently, this usually happens in the peak of a cold snap, when they are required to work their hardest. When dealing with a heating system malfunction in the height of the cold season, it is a major inconvenience for you and your family. You will have to spend more money on these repairs when it could have been prevented in the first place by a tune-up.

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Save Money

saving moneyKeeping your hard-earned money in the bank is one of the most significant benefits that a tune-up can bring. Instead of paying high utility bills at the end of each month, a maintenance checkup enables your system to run at optimum efficiency. When this happens, your system also becomes cost-effective.

Also, a furnace that does not receive adequate maintenance deteriorates faster. Therefore, your heating system needs frequent repairs. The costs might not seem much at first. However, when you compare the accumulated expenses against the small amount of money you spend on a tune-up, then you will notice the enormous difference.

It is also possible for your furnace to malfunction outside of regular office hours that most HVAC companies have. Thus, you will need an emergency HVAC repair. This type of repair costs more than a regular furnace tune-up cost.

Safety First

Your furnace uses heating fuel to provide heat. Therefore, if it is not adequately maintained, it could pose a health and safety hazard. For instance, a gas leak could happen. Also, furnaces that don’t receive regular maintenance tend to have venting issues. These types of problems release carbon monoxide into the air that you breathe. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that, with prolonged exposure, can lead to severe illness or death.

Moreover, unmaintained furnaces that use natural gas could potentially start a fire. A fire could damage your home and injure your family. To prevent all these dangerous situations from happening, call a trusted technician to perform a tune-up on your furnace.

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Maintenance Warranty

Manufacturers know that a tune-up has many benefits. It ensures that all parts are in tiptop shape and it also prolongs your system’s lifespan. Therefore, many manufacturers require an annual tune-up so that their warranty remains intact. If you have a warranty in place and you do not want it to become void, have a professional conduct maintenance checkups for your system at least once a year.

When To Schedule A Tune-Up

Most homeowners wait until late fall or early winter to schedule a tune-up. If you want the convenience and flexibility of choosing your schedule, it is best to plan a tune-up during the late summer or early fall. This way, you can arrange an appointment that is most convenient for you.

Furthermore, a tune-up scheduled this early gives the technician additional time if there are any repairs needed. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the necessary repairs when the weather turns chilly. No one wants to go without heat when it is cold out.



The benefits of a tune-up include increased energy-efficiency, cost-effectiveness, safety, and more. To make sure that your furnace is in proper, safe working condition, hire an HVAC technician to inspect, clean, and maintain your system regularly. Employing a qualified technician assures you that every small problem is detected early. Therefore, a complete breakdown is prevented.

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