Why Furnace Tune-Ups Are An Absolute Must

furnace tune-upThe top priority for any homeowner is the safety and well-being of the family and home. It may seem overwhelming trying to accomplish that.

Of course, that does not have to apply to one area, and that’s your heating system. To help ensure the health and comfort of your home, you need to schedule annual furnace tune-ups.

Through the use of automation, we often don’t give our heating systems a second thought — that is until they malfunction. This creates a heating emergency.

When a heating emergency situation occurs, you may be required to take time away from other important obligations. This may include work or time with the family to accommodate the time required for a furnace repair. Also, you will be expected to deal with an expensive repair bill and if it occurs during a dangerous cold snap, trying to keep the family comfortable.

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Top Reasons Why Scheduling Furnace Tune-ups Are An Absolute Must

Here are some reasons annual furnace tune-ups serves your home and your family’s best interests.

The Essentials Of Safely Heating Your Home

benefits of an annual furnace tune-upEveryone wants their family to be safe, but all it takes to use our heating systems is to turn it on and set the thermostat and forget about it. Automation is to blame. We also tend to forget that heating our homes relies on combustion, which can be dangerous.

Furnaces use heating fuels including natural gas, oil, and others. When a furnace does not receive appropriate maintenance, dangerous circumstances can result. Home heating systems sometimes use natural gas which can ignite a house fire and endanger the lives of every living there. Natural gas systems can also release carbon monoxide into the home when they are poorly maintained. When a home heating system fails to operate during harsh winter weather, the risk of prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures can endanger the family’s health.

Annual furnace tune-ups are a necessity regardless of what kind of fuel your heating system uses. During a check-up, the technician has the opportunity to find frayed wires, incorrect venting, or anything else that could have a negative impact on the operation of a heater. Likewise, you can avoid disaster when repairs are made early. Regular maintenance will ensure that your home and family will be as safe as possible.

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Proper Furnace Airflow Is Important

You may have learned in science class that for a fire to burn it must have oxygen. This is why your furnace needs proper airflow for it to operate at top performance. When airflow is restricted, your furnace is forced to work harder, and that reduces its efficiency. Consequently, you will spend more money for it to operate. You’ll also spend more money if the system needs to work harder for any length of time. It will wear out sooner than one that receives proper maintenance service.

During an annual furnace maintenance check, technicians ensure that your furnace has adequate airflow. Also, regularly changing air filters will also help maintain the furnace efficiency. This is because debris, such as pet hair and dander, get sucked into the filter where it clogs faster. By changing the air filter frequently, you will help your furnace work more efficiently, and that adds up to savings.

Reduce Emergency Repairs With Regular Furnace Tune-Ups

furnace maintenance serviceThe word “emergency” causes fear in most people. By establishing the habit of getting a furnace tune-up service regularly, you will reduce the likelihood of a heating emergency. The majority of heating systems fail during the coldest winter weather, during a time when they work harder than normal. When you schedule home heating maintenance early, before the cold season arrives, the technician has the chance to spot potential problems and repair them ahead of time. In that way, your furnace should perform as it was intended instead of breaking down when at a very inconvenient time.

The worst part of a furnace breakdown during winter is that your family may need to wait longer than they should for a repair technician to arrive. Winter is the peak season for the majority of HVAC companies because they get lots of calls. Additionally, an emergency service call will cost more than typical furnace repairs. You can prevent situations like this by scheduling a furnace tune-up regularly.

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Your Furnace Will Run More Efficiently With Regular Maintenance

When an HVAC technician cleans the heat exchanger and burner, the furnace will run more efficiently. Your home furnace will use less fuel, and you will save money. That’s a win/win situation.

Manufacturer Warranty Requirements Will Be Met

Your manufacturer requires regular furnace maintenance to ensure that the warranty remains in effect. By doing this, you will be protecting your investment.

Your checkbook and heating system will benefit from scheduling regular furnace tune-ups. For one thing, the service is performed during off-peak times which will be less expensive. Also, the furnace will last longer so you won’t need to replace it prematurely. Call Lawes Company today to set up an appointment for a tune-up.


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