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Generac Home Backup Generator Products

Generac backup power generators are permanently installed outside your home, delivering on their reliability to give your household safety and comfort so, in the event of a power failure, you can keep living your normal life.

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Guardian Backup Generators

Even in stressful or emergency type situations, Generac home generators help to provide essential backup power in your home to keep the lights on and your home working until the utility company can turn the electricity back on.

Backup generators maintain security and comfort…

  • Your essential medical devices will stay running.
  • Freezer and fridge keeping food from spoiling.
  • Heat and air conditioning running to keep the home the way you like it.
  • Home offices can keep working.
  • Security systems monitoring your home won’t shut down.
  • Water keeps flowing like there was never a power outage.
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A game-changer, Generac’s Guardian Series generators deliver crucial electrical power protection for your household, making sure your home keeps its power even during an electrical outage.

With a power range of 10KW to 22KW, Guardian Series generator systems can fit into any family’s home delivering on their backup power loss needs.

Generac Standby Generator Features:

Mobile Link™ Remote Monitoring

Mobile Link™ Remote Monitoring

Mobile Link™ is included with every Guardian Series home standby generators and is essential for ease of use for your generator. By allowing you to closely monitor the status of your generator with any smartphone, tablet, or pc.

Evolution controller generac

Generac’s Evolution™ Controller

An easy to use multilingual LCD display helps homeowners to closely monitor the status of the battery and tracking of maintenance intervals, allowing your generator to be preforming in top operating condition.

True Power Technology for generac generator

True Power™ Technology Energy

Operating at less than 5 percent harmonic distortion, providing clean and smooth energy for all of your home’s appliances and electronics, Generac generators have advanced technology for your comfort.

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Made in the United States Of America

Built America strong! Generac home backup generators and engines are built and designed in the USA*.

*Assembled in the United States of America using domestic and foreign parts.

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5 Year Limited Warranty

Generac home power backup generators cover you and your family's electricity needs, by offering a 5-year limited warranty on their Guardian Series home generators. This is essential to giving you and your family peace of mind knowing that you have a warranty on your generator serving your power loss needs.


G-Force Engine

Top of the line technology, the G-Force Engine needs less maintenance than most generator brands available today and with its exceptional design, is more capable of maintaining higher demands need by the generator. Helping to be more energy-saving by burning your home heating fuel more efficiently.

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Generac’s RhinoCoat™

It’s not just the insides that are built tough! Generac’s RhinoCoat™, which is a powder-coated enamel shell, designed to stand up to the harsh conditions that may be outside. Meaning your backup home generator can stand up to punishing elements and resist corrosion with its aluminum enclosed shell.

Generac Quiet test


The Guardian Series generators offer Quiet-Test™ technology making it the leader in quieter power loss generators. These generators run at lower RPM’s and a much lower decibel level than any other brand, as well as the Guardian Series generators consume less fuel while they are operating.

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