Guard Against the Effects of Spring Allergies: Clear the Air with Your HVAC Filter

air conditioning allergiesAhh, springtime! For those of us who live in New Jersey, we know that the next few months seem to be indecisive. One day we have the heat on inside and we’re bundled up in our winter coat and gloves, the next day we have the windows open and we’re strolling outside in a t-shirt! But, before we know it, spring will be here for good, which means that pollen and other outdoor allergens will be circulating inside our home. Fortunately, you can catch these particles before they stir up your allergy trouble by changing your HVAC air filter regularly and keeping your home clean… or else you’ll be sneezing your way through the spring season.

Don’t Stir the Pollen

Before it’s hot enough out to turn on your air conditioner, you may decide to turn on a ceiling fan or use the fan-only mode on your HVAC to circulate the air. But, indoor air is full of microscopic particulates, such as dust, skin cells, bacteria, pollen and even mold (the EPA even ranks indoor air pollutants in the top five environmental health risks).

Several things, like running the ceiling fan and dusting with a dry cloth, can stir up those particles in the air leading to respiratory problems or asthma symptoms in some individuals. Add in the effects of spring pollen and you have a recipe for watery eyes and a runny nose.

Your first defense?

Remove pollen from surfaces regularly by dusting with a slightly damp rag or microfiber cloth. Clean top to bottom to prevent sending particles airborne. Once you have cleaned surfaces, vacuum with a HEPA filter and damp-mop your floors.

Keeping your house clean is only one part of the equation. You also need to guard against letting the pollen inside in the first place. If you’re sensitive to allergies, resist the urge to keep windows open while pollen counts are high and fight back by investing in a HEPA screen HVAC filter.

Fight Back with Your HVAC Filter

If you or anyone in your home suffers from seasonal allergies, you know there’s no way to avoid the symptoms completely (outside of moving to Antarctica). Thankfully there are ways to defend against letting them inside your home.

Turn to a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) HVAC filter to block out particulates from the outdoors. Made with glass fibers, they are designed to trap more than 99% of pollen, dust, smoke and other allergens. To keep them at their peak effectiveness, HEPA HVAC filters must be changed monthly.

But this isn’t all you should do.

Pre-Season HVAC Maintenance

Changing the HVAC filter is one great way to keep allergens at bay and help your HVAC perform more efficiently well into the summer; it’s also important to also schedule your pre-season maintenance check. At Lawes, we provide a thorough tune-up, adjustment and cleaning to boost HVAC energy efficiency and increase whole-home comfort.

The result?

A healthier HVAC system and a happier YOU.

For more information on improving the air quality in your home, contact Lawes Home Comfort Specialists at 732-741-6300. We provide air conditioning technicians available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, view our service plans to learn more.