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Common Heating System Noises You Should Know About

The steady low hum from your heating system usually means that it is working properly. However, if you hear other noises, such as screeching, clanking, or gurgling sounds, this may indicate a problem.

Strange heater noises are often an indication of issues that may lead to a total breakdown.

Paying attention to the noises from your heater is an effective way of diagnosing problems with your appliance so that you can properly conduct any necessary furnace troubleshooting. It can also help to notify you when you need to schedule maintenance or repairs for your heater. Ignoring strange noises may make the situation worse and turn a minor repair into a major replacement. This article discusses some of the heater noises that homeowners need to be aware of so that they can act on it.


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If your heating unit emits a banging sound while it is running, this is due to several reasons. A loose part inside the appliance may cause this noise, as the part will create a banging noise when it moves around. Expanding air ducts are another reason for the banging noise. Poor quality air ducts, or ducts that are dirty or too small for the unit, may expand and contract when the system turns on. You should consult a heating professional and schedule home heating repair to identify the exact reason for the banging noise.


gas furnaceIf you hear a loud boom coming from your heating unit…

this is dangerous and you should schedule an emergency heating service repair. This sound usually occurs in older furnaces rather than in new ones.

It is often the result of gas buildup when the heater’s ignition takes too long to activate itself. Gas accumulation in your furnace can cause an explosion. Therefore, do not delay scheduling a repair due to furnace repair cost. This is important for the protection of your home and family. Click the button below to call our office.

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Chirping And Ticking

When you switch on the furnace after a long period of it being off, it can sometimes produce a chirping sound. This normally stops after an hour or two. However, if it does not, it could mean that the belt or fan has become misaligned. A heating technician can realign it for you or replace it if the belt is irreparable. Some appliances also make a ticking sound when they come out of hibernation.


A loud grinding sound may indicate a problem with the blower wheel. It may need a replacement. Sometimes, the blower wheel detaches from the motor wheel. This causes it to make a grinding sound as it hits the blower casing. Also, if the motor mount is malfunctioning, it can leave the blower assembly loose to hit against the unit housing. Turn off the heater right away if it makes a grinding noise and call an HVAC expert to look at it.


Squealing And Screeching

Troubles with the motor bearing can cause your heater to generate a screeching noise when you turn it on. If the motor is failing, or the belt or fan is malfunctioning, it can cause squealing and screeching sounds. A furnace that is making these noises is usually overdue for a proper maintenance tune-up.


Heater Repair Shrewsbury NJ

Heater noises are alarming, especially if you are unsure what is causing it. By learning to identify the type of sounds your furnace makes, you will  detect the right type of heating service that you need. Even if you are unsure exactly what is causing the noise, it is an indicator that you need to call a reputable HVAC technician when looking for furnace repair near me.

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