Heating System Repair Vs. Replace: Which Is Best?

furnace technician working on heating systemYou need to rely on your heating system in winter as if it is your best friend. When the temperatures outside plunge, your heating system keeps your family warm and cozy inside. However, problems with an old heating system can occur where you will need to decide whether you need to repair or replace the furnace.

The decision about whether to repair or replace a furnace is not an easy one to make. Most homeowners have the heating system repaired again and again because it seems cheaper to do so. Sometimes, replacing the heating system will make more sense.

When To Repair The Heating System Instead Of Replacing It

Here we will review some signs that indicate that your heating system requires a replacement. When you recognize the symptoms, you will save money on having your heating system repaired. Also, you can be assured that your home remains warm and energy-efficient.

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How Old Is The Heating System?

Heating systems can last a long time. Some furnaces last 15-30 years. Of course, this depends on many factors, including design, usage, and maintenance history. It is not always possible to get your system to last for 30 years, even if you try to get the most out of it. For some systems, the problems start showing up at 12-15 years. When your furnace reaches this age, it has already served you well, so you will not find it very painful to retire it. You can avoid the stress of frequent furnace repairs by getting a replacement for it. New furnaces are very appealing due to technological advances that have been made.

Decreasing Energy Efficiency

energy costsAll machines become less efficient as time goes by. Getting your furnace tuned up regularly will help slow down the deterioration to some extent. However, you will not be able to eliminate the gradual reduction in efficiency completely.

When furnace efficiency declines, the system needs to use more fuel to generate the same temperature in the home. Eventually, the furnace becomes so inefficient that it consumes fuel at an unreasonable rate.

When this occurs, it makes more sense to replace the furnace entirely. It is not good for the environment to have an inefficient furnace as it will release more greenhouse gases into the air. You will also find that your fuel bills and energy costs become unacceptably high.

High Fuel Costs

When you consume more fuel to heat your home, the cost you pay for the fuel will increase. Fuel prices fluctuate over time because of changes in demand and supply. When you have an inefficient heating system, you will be consuming more fuel and paying more money. This additional cost for fuel can add up to a significant amount over time. You may be able to gain some improvement in efficiency by having your furnace repaired, but it will not amount to very much. When you replace the furnace, you will notice how much cheaper it is to run!

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Heating System Requires Frequent Repairs

Theoretically, a homeowner should be able to have the furnace running indefinitely as long as there are replacement parts available and expert technicians who know how to carry out the repairs. In this way, it can be possible to achieve 30 years of service from a heating system. Few homeowners opt to use this approach because furnace repairs can become very costly. One visit per year by a technician who services the furnace can be tolerable. However, when the service technician must be called 5 or 6 times a year, then it is probably not worth doing it. Eventually, it is wiser to spend money on a new and reliable furnace instead of wasting the money on expensive heating system repairs.

Heat Is Not Evenly Distributed In The Home

girl cold inside her homeThe heating system will also become less effective in heating the home evenly over time. In the beginning, it can keep all the rooms sufficiently warm for everyone to be comfortable. Over time, the rooms that are farther away from the furnace will start to feel colder and less comfortable for those who need to use them.

This is a sure sign that the heating system requires a replacement. The furnace is no longer able to do its job, so you need to install a replacement unit. You should do this as soon as possible.

Indoor Air Quality Is Poor

Many of us worry about outdoor air pollution because of emissions from cars, factories, and other sources. However, indoor air can also suffer from pollution. Dust and debris trapped within the home will be recirculated over and over, causing discomfort to those who live there. Air quality can be improved by replacing air filters regularly and having the ducts cleaned. Another good method to enhance the quality of air is with an air purifier. If you have tried all these methods and the air quality is still poor, then it is time to consider replacing the entire heating system.

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Final Thoughts

The debate about whether to repair or replace the heating system can be endless. However, at some point, action must be taken for the sake of your finances and the health of your family. Talk to a reputable HVAC contractor. They will be able to recommend whether you need a furnace replacement or a furnace repair. Regardless, it is always crucial to act quickly when you notice that your heating system is not performing the way that it should.

Keep an open mind and realize that a full heating system replacement may be necessary when you notice some of the signs listed above. These telltale signs indicate the need for a replacement. A furnace replacement may be a hefty investment, but, in the long run, it will save you money and time. Also, a new heating system will increase your comfort levels and improve your indoor air quality.

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