Heating Fuel Comparison: Natural Gas Vs. Heating Oil

home heating costsThere are many different types of heating systems that you can use in your home. However, before choosing a system, it is important to consider the type of heating fuels that each system uses. Knowing this information makes a significant difference with your heating costs, comfort levels, and safety. To help you make an informed decision, this article will discuss some of the differences between heating oil vs. natural gas.

Service Plans And Pricing Options

Natural gas usually comes from a big utility business. This is unlike heating oil.

Natural gas has fewer supply controls and management options…

for homeowners and business owners that depend on gas as their primary source of heating fuel. The limited amount of gas suppliers in the market is a disadvantage to customers who have fewer options in terms of price and service plans. In contrast, there are a large number of heating oil suppliers available. The trick is to find the most reputable home heating oil companies near me. Having a selection to choose from means that these customers are not as limited in choice and they can compare home heating oil prices between suppliers. In addition, many heating oil companies will offer customers various financing options and delivery plans that many natural gas companies do not.


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Environmental Considerations

Many people are surprised to learn that natural gas is more harmful to the environment than heating oil. Natural gas harms the environment because it consists of methane gas, which is believed to contribute to global warming. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has stated that methane gas impacts climate change more than carbon dioxide. Heating oil is more environmentally friendly because it consists of biodiesel blends, such as soy bean oil, which converts the heating oil into a cleaner sulfur-free fuel. Many studies state that heating oil burners produce as little as 0.40% of emissions in the United States. Gas leaks and emissions pose a much greater climate risk. For this reason, biodiesel heating oils have increased in popularity recently.


heating oil is energy efficientModern oil furnaces offer the best value for your dollar. They are easier to maintain and repair and are very robust and dependable. They are frequently built with interchangeable parts and have an AFUE rating of 95% or higher. This is a great indicator of their energy efficiency.

When your home is well insulated, a good oil furnace can help lower your heating costs by approximately 40%. It is important to schedule heating system maintenance annually to ensure its efficiency. Otherwise, a heater, regardless of which type of heating fuel that it utilizes, will have to work harder to keep your home nice and warm. When a heater has to work harder, it uses more energy. There are many benefits that arise from scheduling annual heating system tune-ups. Therefore, it is a small price to pay for what you get in return.


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Unlike natural gas, heating oil for your home is non-combustible and will not burn until it has vaporized.

This makes fuel oil a safe energy source compared to natural gas.

Natural gas is very flammable, unlike heating oil, which will not automatically ignite. In the presence of an ignition source, natural gas will explode. Therefore, homeowners need to schedule regular inspections of gas lines and other equipment for any leaks. This extra work raises the cost of having a natural gas heating system, particularly when it becomes necessary to install gas detectors around your home.


energy costs and home fuel oil in shrewsbury njCurrently, the oil heat prices are lower than natural gas prices in many areas of the United States. The laws of supply and demand determine the prices for these commodities.

Experts claim that there are currently more oil deposits in the world than natural gas deposits.

This means that the cost of natural gas is likely to rise due to its looming scarcity. This is good news for homeowners who rely on heating oil systems as they will pay less in the future than those who rely on natural gas.


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Home Heating Oil Shrewsbury NJ

It is important for homeowners to educate themselves on the various heating sources that they can use in their home. Both home heating oil and natural gas are two primary heating fuels. It is evident that home heating oil is the preferred heating source due to its cost, efficiency, safety and environmental impact.

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