Air Balancing – 5 Easy Ways To Avoid Hot And Cold Spots In Your House

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Comfort is always a priority for your home. When it comes to total comfort, a consistent indoor temperature is one of the most important concerns. After all, no one wants to live in a home where the temperature in one room is different from the next. However, nothing is perfect. Many homeowners report pesky hot and cold spots in house, causing unease and discomfort.

Fortunately, with a central HVAC system, it is possible to achieve a stable and balanced temperature throughout the house. Should your HVAC system fail to achieve this temperature balance, there are always ways to correct the issue.

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Causes Of Hot And Cold Spots

Certain factors contribute to the occurrence of hot and cold spots in a home. Once you understand how and why these problems happen, you can easily determine what exactly caused them. As a result, you will be able to identify the right solutions. Here are the possible reasons why you have an air imbalance in your home.

The Design Of Your Home

Some home designs make airflow difficult. Certain structures, for example, obstruct air. This is why some areas are warm while others feel cold. If your home is not zoned, it may not be able to maintain a consistent temperature throughout.

By creating zones in your home, you will be able to control indoor temperature. You could, for example, set the thermostat at a higher or lower temperature to create the desired environment.

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Ductwork Installation

HVAC ductwork plays a key role in keeping your home warm or cool. If your ductwork is the problem, it could be because of:

  • improper ductwork system sizing
  • improper duct system design

These are common problems in older homes. When you match an older ductwork system with a modern HVAC system, the ductwork may not be able to cope with the features and technology of a newer system.

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Restricted Airflow Or Blocked Air Vents

Even a high-performance and high-efficiency HVAC system will fail if the airflow is obstructed. Air vents play a key part in creating air balance indoors. If a vent is closed or blocked, or if something is impeding proper airflow, an imbalance is created. This results in uneven temperatures in certain areas of the house. If there are spots that are warmer or colder than usual, it may be because of an airflow issue.

image of an hvac air vent that is closed


Solar Heat Gain

Solar heat gain causes problems that cannot be fixed by regular HVAC care and maintenance. It happens when certain areas in your home receive a lot of sunlight at day time. A window with open curtains, for example, lets in light and heat, affecting the temperature in a room. This is a common problem with older homes that usually have low-efficiency windows that let in more light and heat. Solar heat gain may seem like a minor problem, but it can actually impede even the best HVAC systems.

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Thermostat Location

The thermostat comes with a sensor that “reads” the temperature indoors. If the thermostat is exposed to sunlight or any source of heat, it will come up with erroneous readings. Since thermostats adjust temperatures automatically, they increase or lower the temperature incorrectly. The same thing happens when thermostats are located in areas that are exposed to drafts or heat sources such as stoves and lamps.

image of a thermostat in a poor location


Air Leaks

Cracks, gaps, and holes in ceilings and walls allow warm or cool air to escape. This affects the temperature indoors and causes hot and cold spots. Damaged areas and gaps in windows and doors are often the sources of air leak problems.

HVAC Equipment Size

HVAC equipment sizing is the capacity of the heating and cooling system to generate warm or cool air based on the size of the home. An incorrectly sized HVAC system will fail, regardless of whether it’s too big or too small. An oversized system will cost more to run and could be susceptible to short cycling. However, an undersized system could lead to an overworked system as it struggles to meet your needs, leafing to high energy costs and an uncomfortable home. Both will create issues with humidity and low-quality indoor air in your home. Also, they can cause uneven indoor temperatures.

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What To Do About Hot And Cold Spots

Hot and cold spots can be fixed. Many of the things you can do are easy and inexpensive. Check out these solutions you can use right away.

Keep HVAC Air Vents Unblocked

Inspect the vents in each room and make sure that they are unobstructed. Avoid placing solid objects in front or over the air vents. Furniture, plants, curtains, and other substantial objects will obstruct airflow. Keep vents open. Supply vents are not meant to be kept closed. If there are objects that block proper airflow, relocate or remove them to keep the vents free from obstruction.

Fix Air Drafts

Drafts let in hot or cold air from outside through holes, gaps, and cracks in the home. The holes also allow air to escape, hence causing the indoor temperature to increase or decrease. Some of the most probable sources of drafts are windows, doors, and joints. If you find the sources, have them fixed right away.

image of a person sealing the window and preventing air drafts


Check Your Insulation

Insulation usually lasts for many years, but if your home happens to be an older one, you might want to have it checked. Over time, insulation becomes less effective in keeping your home sealed. If you want to check if a problem with your insulation is causing hot and cold spots in your home, have a professional inspection performed.

Utilize HVAC Zoning And Install Good Thermostats

Zoning allows you to control indoor temperature by increasing or decreasing temperature in specific areas. With zoning, you can achieve a comfortable environment where your temperature preferences are met. If you are unsure how to go about the process, call your trusted HVAC technician about your options. You might also want to discuss how a ductless mini-split system can work for your home.

Another key step you might want to consider is installing a smart thermostat to supplement the features of your system. A smart thermostat gives you excellent control over your indoor environment by allowing you to automate temperature settings at will.

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Get Regular HVAC Maintenance

The best way to prolong the life of your HVAC system and keep it efficient for many years is to have it undergo regular HVAC inspection and maintenance. With regular maintenance, any problems are identified and resolved immediately.

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Clean Or Replace Your HVAC Air Filters

Inefficient airflow is a common reason why houses have hot and cold spots. Clogged filters are notorious for causing inefficient airflow. A heavily clogged filter makes it difficult for the system to push air through, and this extra burden can affect how well your HVAC equipment works. Check your air filters once a month. Replace them as necessary. Keeping air filters clean will also help you enjoy cleaner air indoors.

Put Up Window Treatments

Probably the cheapest and simplest way to eliminate hot and cold spots in your home is to utilize window treatments. Consider putting up curtains, blinds, or shades to control the light and heat that enter through the windows. This will also ensure that your HVAC system remains in good form since it does not need to perform at high capacity all the time.


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