How Can Air Conditioner Maintenance Improve Efficiency?

AC maintenance and energy efficiencyAccording to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling bills make up over half of a home’s total utility costs. For the average home in the U.S., this makes using central air conditioning part of the largest expense. So, with summer right around the corner, the experts at Lawes want to help you get the most from your system. The best way to improve efficiency (and save) is through air conditioner maintenance.

As the weather gets warmer and you reach for your thermostat, here are a few important reminders to consider first.

DIY Pre-Season Air Conditioner Maintenance

The easiest way to improve efficiency and save on energy bills is with a few maintenance tips you can DIY. First, make sure your air filters are always clean to help the unit operate more proficiently. Homeowners should change filters every few months for best results. To learn more about air filters, click here.

You should also vacuum the dust away from indoor supply vents to help airflow move steadily throughout your home and head outside to trim back trees, grass and bushes if they closely surround your HVAC unit to allow for more efficient airflow.

Save Time, Money and Stress by Scheduling a Pre-Season Air Conditioner Maintenance Appointment

Just because your air conditioner has a high SEER rating when you bought it doesn’t mean it will always perform at that level. Like most equipment, AC units will lose efficiency throughout their lifespan, and at an even faster rate without regular maintenance.

Dirty evaporator coils, for example, will hamper the ability for your unit to transfer heat compromising its ability to cool your home. Your equipment will be forced to work harder, the air in your home won’t be as cool and meanwhile, your energy bills will start to increase. Not to mention, you could also increase the chances of needing emergency HVAC repairs.

The fastest way to improve your efficiency (and save an unnecessary breakdown headache when it’s blazing hot outside) is to schedule a pre-season air conditioner maintenance appointment. You’ll not only improve air conditioner performance and save money on utility bills, but will also increase comfort for the whole family by helping your home’s air return to the crisp, cool temperatures you were used to.

During a professional air conditioning tune-up, we will conduct a thorough cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC unit. One of our technicians will examine the brain of your HVAC (the thermostat) and make sure your system is on track so you can stay cool all summer. Any potential problems will be identified and discussed with you whether to repair or replace.

To learn more about HVAC maintenance, click here.

Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance by Lawes

Air conditioning systems are complex. You can’t expect them to keep performing at a high efficiency level for years without maintenance. Call Lawes today at (732) 741- 6302 to schedule a tune-up appointment and save yourself the time, money and stress of an unnecessary breakdown come summer.

Whatever brand or model your central air unit may be, we can service it!