How Central Air Conditioner Maintenance Can Enhance Customer Experience

air conditioning and happy employeeBetween demanding work schedules and busy family lives, people are all about convenience. Since online shopping has become increasingly popular, it’s vital for physical retailers to provide an exceptional shopping environment and offer something different (better) than the competition. While customer service is a well-known factor involved, did you know that central air conditioner maintenance is also responsible for enhancing a customer’s in-store experience (and your bottom line).

Let’s take a look at how HVAC maintenance plays an important role in optimizing shopping experiences and keeping employees happy at the same time.

In-Store Central Air Conditioner Temperature

According to JD Associates, a marketing technology firm, customer comfort is key to getting new customers to convert to return customers. Simply put, the more comfortable it is inside your store, the longer your customers are likely to stay and enjoy their experience.

But what is the optimal temperature? Warmer than you might think.

Some research explains, “exposure to physical warmth activates the concept of emotional warmth,” giving customer a better perception of the products they are looking to purchase. Results show that the optimal temperature for the most purchasing power is around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. But this varies on type of store and layout of the space. For example, indoor temperatures may cooler in a bar or arcade and a bit warmer in a restaurant or retail shop.

The best way to find out your optimal temperature? Ask your customers directly for feedback.

Keep Employees Comfortable (and Productive)

Your staff is your front-line. When you take care of employees, they’ll be happier and more apt to take care of customers. And when you focus efforts on employee engagement, studies show that you’re likely to outperform companies without engaged employees by as much as 202%!

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends a temperature range at a much cooler 60 to 76 degrees, but again this varies based on a number of factors. Enhance their working environment and make them feel valued so they’ll have the motivation to make your customers feel valued, too.

Central Air Conditioner Maintenance Plays an Important Role

AC maintenanceBeyond finding the optimal temperature, central air conditioner maintenance plays an important role, as well. Problems are compounded when maintenance is ignored. A neglected coil cleaning, for example, will result in compromised system performance, muggy air and foul odors. You may notice your unit starts up more frequently and runs longer in effort to reach the desired temperatures which eventually leads to an inevitable breakdown.

This summer, take control of your store’s AC comfort issues before it impacts customers.

Extend the Lifespan of your Central Air Conditioner and Enhance Customer Comfort

From quality customer service to comfortable temperatures, enhancing customers’ experiences is important to your bottom line. Strive to make comfort a priority with preventative central air conditioner maintenance from your local HVAC company and you’ll stay ahead of the competition.

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