Simple Strategies For Cooling A Room Without Air Conditioning

man cooling himself with a fan due to no air conditioner in room

Some homes have several rooms that are consistently hotter than others. Those within such a room are usually uncomfortable and eager for relief. There are also a number of households that eke their way through the summer months without any modern cooling equipment at all. For instance, old and historic homes usually lack air conditioning. The good news is that there are several ways to keep a room that lacks A/C service cool, or a room that doesn’t have enough air conditioning. However, it’s always best to talk about how to cool a room without AC with a trusted HVAC company. HVAC companies are often able to suggest a number of affordable, practical ways to remedy these issues.

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Cooling a Room Down Without Air Conditioning

This article will share nine simple strategies for cooling down a room that lacks proper air conditioning.

1. Close Your Windows & Cover Them

homeowner closing curtain to block the sun

Homeowners can use blackout currents to keep heat from coming into a room.

Approximately 76 percent of the sunlight that gets beamed into rooms through windows plays a role in raising inside temperatures. As such, you should try keeping your curtains or other window treatments fully closed. The Department of Energy suggests using medium-colored curtains that have a backing made from white plastic as this will lower indoor temperatures. Putting blackout curtains in your home is also a great strategy for providing natural insulation.

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2. Shut Your Doors & Properly Insulate Them

If the vast majority of your time indoors is spent in a single room, consider shutting every other door in the home leading to other rooms. When you close off the unused sections of your home, you can retain more of the cooled air in the occupied area, and you can quickly cool down the space that you are using. If your doors have any gaps, particularly those that lead to outside, invest in some insulation. Weatherstripping is affordable and you can easily install it by yourself.

3. Keep Your Oven Turned Off

image of a homeowner grilling outside to prevent heat inside home

Stove burners and ovens emit a tremendous amount of heat, so be cautious about using these and other heated kitchen appliances when the outside temperatures are high. Grilling your food outdoors is a great choice, or you can whip up a few summer recipes that don’t require cooking with heat.

4. Switch to Cooler Light Bulbs

Although they are much less noticeable than the oven or stove top, light bulbs are also a significant source of heat. Incandescent bulbs produce the greatest amount of heat and they also waste about 90 percent of the energy that they use. Switch to LED bulbs to keep your indoor environment much cooler or choose compact fluorescent bulbs instead.

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5. Set Up Fans Strategically

woman cooling herself with a fan

Fans are not designed to cool the indoor air down, they simply move it around. Thus, how you position your fans and how you use them matters. The best way to circulate cool air is to use fans to create a nice cross breeze that pushes hot air out and circulated cooler air. Look for the coldest area of your home and then place your fan so that it’s angled toward hotter areas. This will draw cool air from one location while pushing out hot air. Putting a bowl of ice in front of your fan works too. This trick will blow cold air that emanates from the ice into the living space.

6. Keep Indoor Humidity In Check

You cannot reduce indoor temperatures with a dehumidifier, but it can help you limit the amount of sticky, thick air that will make your living space intolerable. You will feel both hotter and sweatier in high humidity as it reduces how quickly sweat evaporates.

7. Let in the Cool, Nighttime Breeze

If you’re living in an area that has lower nighttime temperatures, you can cool down your room by throwing your windows open at night. Just be sure to close them in the morning and to draw your curtains or blinds as well.

8. Have a Ductless Air Conditioner Installed

image of a ductless air conditioner

If you have a room or two in your home that’s always problematic, think about having a ductless A/C system installed. Ductless air conditioning systems have two primary components: an indoor and an outdoor unit. They are connected by wiring and refrigerant hoses. The compact unit indoors delivers cooled air and can be installed on any wall or ceiling. The unit outside releases hot air into the outdoor environment.

There are many benefits to this particular setup. First, it is flexible in terms of where the indoor cooling unit can be placed. Unlike a window A/C, you don’t have to install it in a window. It can be placed high up on an interior wall for minimal disruptions in interior decor and vertical storage.

Second, this unit can be placed in any room. There is no need to use a perimeter wall because the inside and outside units are separate. Even inner rooms work well for these installations. This point can be especially helpful in larger buildings.

Third, a ductless mini-split air conditioner won’t block your window, the natural light, or your view throughout the day. This is perfect for small zones or rooms within the home that have a limited number of windows. Moreover, ductless air conditioners tend to be much quieter given that the noise-generating component is installed outside.

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Understand the Drawbacks of a Window A/C

Window air conditioner units include all of the major components in one package. They move hot air outside from one end and force cold air indoors from the other. You have to install these units in a room that has a window or perimeter wall. They are usually inexpensive and simple, but there are a number of drawbacks including various limitations that make them less desirable than ductless mini-split A/C designs:

  • Blocks out views and natural light when installed in windows
  • They’re able to cool down just one room
  • They cost a lot to use
  • They’re noisy
  • They have a high likelihood of developing mold and bacteria that will lower your indoor air quality
  • They’re unattractive and may even attract thieves to your home given that they offer a point of ingress

The Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners

image of a ductless mini-split system

  • Even though ductless cooling systems cost more to install than window air conditioners do, they are far more energy-efficient and will leave you with lower home cooling costs. These savings can be considerable over time
  • They offer quiet operation
  • They have an inconspicuous design
  • Ductless air conditioning systems are also great for maintaining a sufficiently high indoor air quality given that they include multi-stage filters. When air conditioners lack adequate filtering, air pollutants can enter your living environment where they may cause respiratory problems or exacerbate existing respiratory conditions.
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Even though you can use the above-mentioned strategies to keep your room cool without an air conditioner, they are all less than ideal for a variety of reasons. If you want consistent and uncompromised cooling, security, and indoor air quality, a ductless air conditioner is the best choice.

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