How To Keep Your House Cool In Summer Naturally

image of summer heat depicting how to cool a home naturally

Warmer months are approaching fast. Families everywhere are keen on staying cool and fresh despite the heat of the sun. It can be difficult to do this when the house is not equipped with a cooling system. As for those who have an air conditioner, the challenge lies in keeping energy bills low even if the cooling needs are high. Homeowners may try to implement natural cooling strategies to get through the season without too much discomfort. Let’s discuss how to keep house cool in summer naturally below.

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How to Implement Natural Cooling Strategies

Homes can remain cool despite the scorching summer sun if owners apply proven strategies like the following:

Block the Heat

homeowner closing curtain to block the sun

The best cure is prevention, even in the realm of home comfort. If you don’t want a house to get hot, then block the heat so that it doesn’t move indoors. It may be impossible to completely shield your home, but you can focus on the most vulnerable areas and use effective materials to achieve this goal. Try to block the sun and marvel at the difference it makes. Close the curtains and shades during the day to keep indoor temperatures at manageable levels. Consider the direction of these windows. The south-facing ones get a lot of sun throughout the year, so you might step it up with a thermal barrier installation. This will provide relief during the peak of summer when the heat is at its most intense. Consult experts about how you may implement this strategy across your home.

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Open the Windows

It is common for the ambient temperature to drop from the evening, after the sun sets, up to the early morning, before the sun rises. You have a long window of opportunity to keep the windows open and let the cool breeze move inside the house. Warm air can escape and make room for colder air. Even if the indoor and outdoor air were at the same temperature, improving ventilation will make the home feel colder thanks to the movement of the wind. The best way to do this is to open doors and windows on opposite sides of every room, whenever possible.

Apply Some Ice

image of homeowner taking cold water bottle out of fridge depicting keeping cool naturally

If you have a refrigerator, then you can always depend on it to get a cool drink during summer. It can serve you in other ways, as well. For example, you may fill a plastic bottle with water and freeze it. A reusable ice pack or similar items will also be suitable. If you are suffering under the heat, then place this cold bottle or pack at the back of your neck for instant relief. You may also put this on your forehead. It will take a long while before it completely melts, so you can use this trick for lasting relief from the heat. In case you are having trouble sleeping in the summer, then wrap an ice pack with a towel and place this under your feet. This will protect your skin while cooling you down.

To boost the cooling sensation, you might even place your pillowcase or bedsheets in the fridge for a while. The same is true for socks if you wish to cool down your feet. Studies show that a cool environment results in restful sleep.

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Adjust the Ceiling Fan

ceiling fan use in summer to reduce energy costs

Most ceiling fans can spin clockwise or counterclockwise. Choose the direction based on how you would like the air to move inside the room. During the summer months, it would be prudent to choose the counterclockwise direction. This will pull the warm air upward and keep cold air at the lower half of the room, making the space feel colder for the family.

Turn Off the Lights

Lights consume a large amount of electricity, so it’s best to turn them off when not in use. This will conserve energy, reduce carbon footprint, and lower utility bills. Another advantage is that it can make the home a little cooler by removing a heat source. This is especially true for incandescent bulbs which can get hot with longer use. If lights must stay on for extended periods, then consider upgrading to energy-efficient LED bulbs instead.

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Dine Outdoors

image of a homeowner grilling outside to prevent heat inside home

Think of ways to cook without using the stove or oven. These are excellent cooking appliances but they make the house hotter than it already is. From time to time, consider using an outdoor grill or something similar. These can help you prepare delicious meals outside the house where you can enjoy the breeze. You will love the cooking process, as well as the outdoor feast with the family.

Take Cold Showers

Sometimes the best way to cool down is through a shower. Do this at any time, depending on when you need to feel refreshed. A cold shower in the morning will perk you up and get you ready to go. A midday shower will help you stay cool when the sun is at its hottest. A late-night shower will allow you to sleep better.

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Create a DIY AC

If you don’t have an air conditioning system, then try to make your own alternative. This project will require a fan and a bucket of ice. Use this during the hottest summer days to get immediate relief. Place the frozen contents of ice cube trays in a bucket or tray. Position this in front of the fan such that the wind will go through the ice before it reaches you. The air will feel much colder than without the ice.


Use Cotton Sheets

If the heat is preventing you from sleeping soundly, then check your sheets. Perhaps this is not as breathable as it should be. Switch to cotton sheets that allow air to pass through, thus preventing heat build-up. Those who get sweaty at night could also get special moisture-wicking sheets.


All these hacks are simple and affordable. They can quickly bring relief from the heat so families can stay comfortable. Try them out to see which ones are suitable for your home and your needs. You can do several of them simultaneously to multiply the cooling effect.

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