How to Prevent Midseason AC Breakdowns (Before Summer Even Starts)

air conditioning maintenance tipsAir conditioning system breakdowns are the worst- especially mid-season in a New Jersey summer. Maybe you’ve been there before: you’re enjoying a break from the hot, humid weather in your comfortable air-conditioned home, when you suddenly start to sweat. Time to drop everything and call your trusted HVAC technician and find a temporary way to keep your cool (literally). Prevent mid-season AC breakdowns and you’ll prevent the unexpected costs and frustrations that come with them.


The best way to ensure your AC will perform for you when you need it most this summer is by scheduling preseason air conditioning maintenance.

What Does AC Maintenance Cover?

Air conditioning maintenance is designed to get your air conditioner back to peak operating performance. Although it may never get back to original factory conditions, a system that receives regular tune-ups has the chance to maintain about 95% efficiency over the course of its lifespan.

Let’s take a look what you can expect from an AC maintenance appointment.

Inspection: Professional HVAC technicians have the specialized tools that allow them to take a thorough look at how well the system is working. Our technicians will record information regarding your HVAC voltage, refrigerant pressure, thermostat calibration and more. We’ll inform you of the current condition of your AC and whether anything needs a repair.

Adjustment: Some components of your AC may require an adjustment from time to time to keep running smoothly. If anything seems off such as a loose screw or a motor that needs lubrication, a Lawes HVAC technician may be able to make that adjustment on the spot.

Cleaning: To ensure an efficient operation, many of the components of your AC system need to be cleaned regularly. For example, debris should be removed from the blower wheel, your filter should be changed regularly and the outdoor coil must also be clean to continue a smooth refrigeration process.

Why Should I Schedule AC Maintenance So Early Before Summer?

Sure, the weather may not be as warm as we’re dreaming of just yet. But, you shouldn’t wait until it is hot outside to start thinking about your air conditioner. The best time to schedule routine maintenance is before you ever need to use your system…before the season ever even starts.

Here’s why:

    • You’ll increase AC efficiency, which means decreased energy bills throughout the hotter months.


    • You’ll decrease the need for repairs, which means you’re less likely to run into performance problems.


    • You’ll keep your warranty valid, which can save you big bucks on repairs in the future.


    • You’ll extend the lifespan, which means a longer lasting, reliable unit.


Don’t wait until summer is in full force before you start thinking about scheduling service for your AC system. Call the Lawes air conditioning technicians at 732-741-6300 now. We’re your go-to company for air conditioning maintenance this spring. Contact our team of trusted technicians today!