Are You Using Your Programmable Thermostat Efficiently?


Making the switch to using a programmable thermostat can result in amazing energy savings but there’s a catch…you actually have to know how to use a programmable thermostat. According to a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, nearly 90% of Americans say they’ve rarely (or never) programmed their thermostat because they’re not sure how to do it. Invest in a programmable digital thermostat and you will slash your utility bills and save energy without sacrificing comfort.

Unfortunately, most people wait to manually turn their heating and cooling system on or off when they want a temperature change. And some people leave the house and leave the HVAC system running the entire time. However, doing so wastes a large amount of electricity (and money).

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How To Use A Programmable Thermostat Effectively

In this article, we discuss how to use a programmable thermostat effectively for increased comfort and energy savings.

Use Your Programmable Thermostat To Control Costs

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In order to control these wasted costs and energy used, you need to gain control of the temperature both when you’re at home and when you’re away from home. If you use one of these so-called “magical” energy-savings gadgets efficiently by scheduling the temperatures to adjust at the appropriate times and at the appropriate degrees, you could save up to 15% a year on energy costs. Believe me, that’s quite a bit, considering heating and cooling your home accounts for the majority of your energy expenses.

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Set it and Forget it

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Programming the thermostat can seem overwhelming at first. However, once you take the time to understand the options and optimal settings, you can set it then forget it! Many programming options are based on wake time, sleep time, leave time, and return time. Below are a few tips that can help you shave up to 15% off your energy bill throughout the heating and cooling season. Adjust the time and temperature to best suit your comfort needs.

  • For the hours you’re home, program the heating and air conditioning to 78 degrees to 80 degrees.
  • For the hours you’re away, adjust the temperature to 85 degrees in the summer and 70-75 degrees in the winter.
  • Schedule the heater or air conditioning unit to shut down 20 minutes before you leave home each day.
  • Program the HVAC unit to turn on 20 minutes before you come home each day.
  • Schedule the A/C or heater to lower about an hour before you go to sleep each night.
  • Program the HVAC system to turn on about 30 minutes before you wake up each morning.
  • For the days you don’t need heating or cooling, manually shut off the HVAC.
  • Program the HVAC to shut off during the hours you’re out of the house.

By lowering the temperature on your thermostat by 10-15 degrees for 8 hours, you can save 5% to 15% a year on your heating bill. (For every degree you set the thermostat above 80 degrees, you can save approximately 2-3% on cooling costs).

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Schedule HVAC Service Twice A Year

furnace tune-up

By scheduling regular heating and air conditioning maintenance, you can maintain your unit’s efficiency and performance. It is best to schedule an air conditioner tune-up in the spring, right before the heat comes rolling in. Likewise, you should schedule a heating system tune-up in the fall, before the frigid weather settles. This time is considered the off-season, when HVAC companies are more available. This will give you the flexibility of scheduling, allowing you to choose a time that works best for you. Also, when the HVAC contractor inspects your system and finds that it may require a repair, then it gives you ample time to address your heating or cooling system’s problem before the weather becomes extreme. Additionally, if your system does happen to require a repair, you can address it before the issue escalates into a major and more expensive problem. Some of the benefits of regular HVAC maintenance include:

  • A reduction in home heating and cooling costs
  • A more efficient system
  • Less wear and tear on your system
  • Reduced HVAC repair costs
  • Longer HVAC system lifespan
  • Enhanced levels of comfort
  • Improved indoor air quality

It is important to note that the benefits of using a programmable thermostat work in conjunction with a system that receives regular maintenance. If your system is running inefficiently, then professional HVAC tune-ups can help enhance your system’s performance and reduce your home heating and cooling expenses.

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