When To Call An HVAC Contractor To Deal With Your AC Issues

hvac contractor services in allenhurst njIf your home’s central air conditioning unit is blowing warm air or failing to cool your dwelling adequately, there may be a variety of issues at the heart of the problem.

Fortunately, a solution exists for most of the things that may go wrong with your unit. However, if you find that your AC is not working correctly, you should not attempt to fix the problem as a DIY project. Instead, place the task in the hands of one of your local HVAC contractors.

Licensed HVAC technicians have the skills and experience to make necessary repairs and perform maintenance on your system. They are thoroughly trained in the field and must acquire the proper skills before earning their certification. Therefore, it is in your best interest to handle only simple tasks and delegate the rest to a reliable expert.

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Below are some various problems you may experience with an HVAC unit. As previously mentioned, most require the assistance of a professional, but there are a few you may be able to solve on your own.

Do-it-Yourself Versus Calling A Professional

What You Can Do Yourself

Thermostat Settings

thermostat issuesIf you are wondering why your air conditioner is not appropriately cooling your home, you may want to check the thermostat. Simple things such as replacing the batteries and making sure the device is in the “auto” setting, as opposed to the “fan only” or “on” setting, can sometimes go a long way toward solving your problem. If the thermostat is on the “fan” setting, the unit will continuously blow air, even if the air is not cold.

The best solution for this is to make sure you use the “auto” setting all the time, as this is the most efficient way to use your system.

Dirty Air Filters

Because dirt reduces the airflow of the unit, dirty air filters can cause a variety of problems.

For example, if dirt is in the system, the AC unit must struggle to continuously circulate the proper amount of cold air to decrease your home’s temperature. Therefore, the temperature in the room may remain at 80° or more, even if you set your thermostat at 75° or less.

The evaporator is the component that cools the air. This particular component often freezes up when the air filter is clogged. This situation causes a block of ice to form, which affects the temperature of your home.

An easy solution to this problem is to regularly check the air filter and change it immediately if it appears to be dirty.

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Clogged Exterior Unit

Air conditioning systems within a home typically cool the air by absorbing the heat that builds up in the home. This heat is then transferred outside the house, via the unit’s condenser and evaporator.

However, it is essential to understand that if you have a clogged condenser, it cannot dissipate heat as efficiently as it should. This circumstance makes the system labor unnecessarily to cool your home.

Spraying the outside unit gently with a garden hose to dislodge dirt and debris is the best solution. Nevertheless, do not blast the hose on its highest setting, as this can damage the fins of the unit. Removing overgrowth and weeds from around the outdoor unit is also a wise course of action, as this gives the AC system a bit of breathing room.


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When To Call A Professional HVAC Contractor

As mentioned earlier, some issues require the services of a professional contractor, such as those outlined below. As always, be sure to search for “residential HVAC contractors near me” and find the company that hires the best in your area.

Faulty Or Broken Condenser Fan Motor

AC condenserIf the fan motor of your unit is malfunctioning, it cannot dispel heat to the outside. Without a functioning fan motor, it is not possible to cool your home to a comfortable temperature.

Low Refrigerant Charge Or Refrigerant Leak

The liquid that dispels warm air is called refrigerant or coolant. If it is leaking out or if the unit does not have enough coolant, the AC cannot absorb hot air and carry it outside. Therefore, even if the AC is running, your home will remain warm and uncomfortable.

Bubbling or hissing noises are sure signs that a refrigerant leak is present. Additionally, if the refrigerant line or the unit outside features a build up of ice, a leak is possibly underway.
Another sign of this problem is the AC maintaining a pleasant temperature in your home at night or on days that are not exceptionally hot, but on warm days or when bright sunlight is hitting the house, it cannot cool in the same fashion.

If you notice any of these signs, shut down the system and call an expert immediately. If you continue to run the unit when it is malfunctioning in this way, the compressor can be damaged. Consequently, you will harm the air conditioner beyond repair

Be sure to search for “best HVAC contractors near me”. Read various HVAC contractor reviews and hire the best heating and cooling company in your area. You always want to work with the most reputable company to ensure that the work gets completed correctly and in an affordable manner.

Faulty Compressor

One of the most critical parts of an air-conditioning system is the compressor. This component circulates coolant between the inside and outside of the home. If it is damaged, you will not be able to cool your home to a comfortable temperature.

When this happens, you may need a replacement compressor, but such parts are typically costly. For this reason, unless your compressor is still under warranty, paying for an outside unit will probably be necessary.

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