Signs That Your Ductwork Needs Attention

hvac ductwork replacementThe air ducts in central heating and air conditioning systems play an important role. When they develop any type of problem, your home comfort will reduce drastically. That is why homeowners need to watch out for signs of air duct problems. Whenever a problem is noticed, a competent HVAC contractor should be brought in to take corrective measures to ensure the system does not malfunction.

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Signs That You Need An HVAC Ductwork Replacement Manalapan NJ

The following are tell-tale signs your air ducts need attention:

i) Abnormally High Utility Bill

If you have a state-of-the-art HVAC system that operates efficiently, but your utility bill is higher than normal, you may have a problem. The air ducts may be leaking heated or cooled air to unwanted spaces. Since over 40% of your home’s energy bill can be attributed to heating and air conditioning, a leaking air duct will have an effect on your wallet. If your energy bill rises abnormally, be sure to call an expert to inspect your ducts.

ii) Uneven Temperature Around The House

Ideally, all the rooms around the house should have the same temperature, unless you have a zoned HVAC system. If you notice your living room is cooler or warmer than the bedrooms or kitchen, your air ducts may have a problem. There could be a leak somewhere in the system. Another possible cause of the problem may be obstructed airflow to certain parts of the house. If the temperature around your home is inconsistent, you should call a qualified HVAC contractor to take a look at your ductwork.

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iii) Respiratory Issues In The Home

indoor air qualityIf you or members of your family have been having allergies, frequent asthma attacks or any other type of respiratory problem on a regular basis, your ducts may have a problem. There could be a major leak in the air ducts, which allow dust and other impurities to enter the air supply system. Your ducts may also be dirty and full of allergens. By hiring a competent HVAC contractor, you can be assured of having the problem resolved quickly.

iv) Strange Noises Coming From The Ducts

A sure sign that your ducts have a problem is strange noises coming from the air ducts. If you hear rattling, shaking or whistling sounds coming from the ducts, you should call your HVAC provider for help. These noises might have been sudden, or they might have gotten louder over time. Whatever the case, unusual noises are a sign your ducts have a problem that need to be fixed urgently.

v) Disconnected Ducts

Ideally, you should conduct routine visual inspection of your air duct system to check for problems. If you notice disconnected joints, you have to call for emergency repairs. This is because disconnected air duct joints can leak a lot of heated or cooled air to unoccupied spaces. As a result, your energy bills will rise. In addition to that, your home comfort will reduce considerably because you will not be getting enough heated or cooled air in your living spaces.

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vi) Kinked And Dented Air Ducts

When inspecting your ducts, be sure to watch out for kinks, dents or any other type of damage. Leaks usually develop around kinks and dents, so be sure to call a professional to deal with the problem if you notice any kinks or dents on your ducts.

vii) Uninsulated Air Ducts

Ideally, air ducts that run through unoccupied spaces should be insulated to reduce energy losses. Therefore, if there are uninsulated air ducts running through the garage, attic or crawlspaces, you should call your HVAC provider for help. Your HVAC provider will insulate the ducts properly to ensure no heat is lost when air is pumped to different parts of the house. To ensure every aspect of your HVAC system is flawless, be sure to have the system serviced and tuned-up on a regular basis.



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