How To Keep Dirt And Dust Out Of Your HVAC System

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A dirty, dusty HVAC system is far more than just an eyesore. If negligence persists, the repercussions can be serious. It won’t be possible for this equipment to continue operating efficiently. Energy use will increase, and your monthly energy costs will invariably follow suit. Breakdowns will also become more frequent, leaving you with high HVAC repair bills and heating and cooling equipment that has a significantly shorter lifespan. Moreover, given that your HVAC system is actually designed to help remove pollutants from the indoor air, the HVAC dust control functionality of your HVAC won’t work as it should. It’s also important to note that the health of building residents can decline as the quality of your indoor air plummets. These are all problems that you can avoid by being proactive in removing dirt and dust from your HVAC system.

This article will share a number of strategies for cleaning your home’s heating and cooling system. Obviously, a system that’s dust-free and clean will provide a higher quality of indoor air and keep you from experiencing all of the above-mentioned issues.

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How To Keep Dust Out Of Your HVAC System

Start using the following measures right away:

Set Up Your Annual HVAC System Tune-Up

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You should schedule a heating and cooling system tune-up each year. In fact, it is best to schedule one of these appointments in the fall. Likewise, you should schedule another one in the spring. HVAC tune-ups improve the efficiency of this equipment and help limit wear and tear. They also prevent the need for many HVAC repairs. It also helps lower your home heating and cooling bills while boosting indoor air quality. These appointments keep your HVAC system operating safely. They prevent CO leaks inside of the home.

During a tune-up service for your HVAC system, your provider will thoroughly clean the unit and make sure that all moving parts are lubricated. This is a very effective way for homeowners to avoid the many problems that come with dust and dirt accumulation.

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Regularly Replace The Air Filters In Your HVAC System

Every HVAC system manufacturer lists air filter replacement as a critical form of maintenance. HVAC air filters function as the very first line of defense against dust, dirt, and other airborne particulates. They effectively block the entry of air particles so that the interior of this equipment remains clean. This enables all components to perform optimally. However, the overall efficacy of an HVAC air filter lasts for just a few months, depending upon the indoor environment. In some homes, air filter replacements will need to be performed more frequently.

Accumulations of dirt and dust can quickly build up on the surface of an HVAC filter. The thicker this accumulation becomes; the more difficult it is for air to move through. Check your air filter once each month and replace it as needed to keep airflow problems at bay.

Consider Shifting To HEPA Filters By Working With Your HVAC Contractor

image of hepa hvac air filter

In addition to changing your air filters more often, you might want to think about improving the quality of the air filters that you’re currently using. Find out more about HEPA filters that are designed to block 99.97 percent of all particles that have a minimum diameter of 0.5 micrometers. This performance is far superior to that of low-cost filters. You should keep in mind, however, that HEPA filters also make it more difficult for air to move through. This shift isn’t always a simple one. Airflow adjustments will need to be performed to ensure that the transition is a successful one. You can discuss this with your HVAC service provider.

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Prevent Build-Ups Of Dust And Dirt By Keeping All HVAC Air Vents Open

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Depending upon the heating and cooling needs of your home, air vents can be left open or they can be closed. Completely closing air vents all of the time is actually one of the major causes of dirt and dust build-ups within the air ducts. Closed vents keep particulates trapped inside where they rapidly accumulate. Check each vent for a lever. This lever will allow you to open individual vents or close them. Depending upon how the lever is operated, some vents can be opened in the opposite direction. Make sure that there are no decorative items or furnishings blocking your vents. Remove all obstructions.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality By Having An Air Purifier Installed

Even though air filters accomplish a lot of in terms of capturing and collecting dust to improve indoor air quality, they’re rarely sufficient as standalone solutions. You can give your HVAC air filter a little help by having a standalone air purifier put in. This equipment is capable of extracting much finer particulates from the air including mold spores, VOCs, bacteria, pollen, pet dander, and other micro-sized irritants. Make comparisons of the filters that different models used. Always buy one that has a high-rated filter so that superior performance is assured.

You can also ask your HVAC company to suggest one that will work well with your HVAC system. Whole-house air purifiers tend to provide the best results when they can remove airborne contaminants throughout the home rather than from a single room.

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Dust With Disposable Dust Cloths

image of disposable dusting cloth

Dust can accumulate on every surface in your home. When you disturb this dust, particles become airborne again and find their way into the HVAC ductwork. When you do your household chores, don’t use a standard feather duster that removes dust from furnishings and decor while simultaneously decreasing the indoor air quality. You don’t want to make settled dust airborne again. You can instead trap these particulates on contact by using the proper cleaning equipment like disposable dust cloths. Many of these cloths are actually able to attract dust particles even when they’re completely dry. Others provide the best performed when they’re lightly dampened first.

Search For Leaks In Your HVAC Air Ducts And Then Seal Them Up

ductwork inspection

Some homeowners are very diligent in performing regular HVAC system maintenance. These individuals regularly change out their air filters and understand the consequences of not doing so. Sadly, however, they might still have an exorbitant amount of dust floating around or settling in their homes. If this is a problem that you’re dealing with, then you should definitely check your air ducts.

There could be leaks throughout this system that are drawing dust-filled air down from the attic. This dusty air will be circulated throughout the entire home. In addition to lowering indoor air qualities and making the living environment unhealthy, leaks in your ductwork can also make your system less efficient, and place your HVAC equipment under unnecessary stress by making it necessary for all components to work much harder. Your energy bills will rise in relation to the dramatic increases in energy use.

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Check For Potential Rodent And Insect Infestations

rodent in hvac ductwork

Dirt and dust in your HVAC system can also be a problem when tiny animals have found their way into your ducts. A lot of the time, these are rodents or insects that are searching for food. They may be using your ducts as a personal highway to get from one room to another. The droppings they leave behind can be incredibly problematic as they can lead to health issues. Some pests can also enter the ductwork and then die in their. A foul stench is a sure sign that this has occurred. Always keep your kitchen clean and your food stored in airtight containers to avoid drawing pests in.




If you think that your HVAC air ducts are leaky, have a pest infestation, dust build-ups, or mold problems, then have a professional HVAC contractor perform a thorough cleaning. Professionals can resolve these problems completely. In truth, you should have these maintenance services performed on a periodic basis. This would also include a comprehensive inspection of your HVAC system, refrigerant monitoring, functionality testing, duct cleaning, and more. With this help, you’ll be able to avoid a vast range of common heating and cooling system problems. Your HVAC equipment will last longer and experience fewer problems, even as everyone in the home enjoys a significantly higher quality of air.

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