What To Do When You Smell Unusual Odors Coming From Your Vents

hvac odorsThe winter is here, and you are fully prepared for it because you have carried out extensive maintenance work on your heating system.

Like all machinery, there are times when your HVAC system starts acting up regardless of how much care you give it. Generally, you will feel temperature fluctuations or hear weird noises when your system is running.

However, have you noticed an unusual odor coming from your vents? This article discusses some HVAC odors that you should know about.

HVAC Middletown NJ: Pinpointing Unusual Heating System Smells

The truth is you should be worried about unusual odors because this is an indication that all is not well with your HVAC system. Below are some of the factors that may be responsible for these odors and what you can do about them.

Sewage Odor & Your HVAC Vents

A stench of raw sewage from your vents can be quite embarrassing.

It is also an indication that something is not right. The cause might be a crack in your plumbing system or a backed-up sewer line. If your ducts are close to the source of the problem, they will spread the odor throughout your home. Do not practice your DIY skills here. Just call in an HVAC contractor to solve the problem for you.

Does Your HVAC System Emit A Mold Or Mildew Odor?

ductworkSome people do not take mold odors seriously because they are quite common in ductwork. Now, you should not take mold or mildew odors for granted because they can cause serious health problems. The smart move is to get in touch with a professional HVAC expert as soon as you notice mold odor. This expert will locate the source of the smell and deal with the problem immediately.

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Burning Odor From Your Heating System

A burning smell from your vents might be an indication of a mechanical problem.

If you notice a burning smell anywhere in your home, the first thing you should do is find out the cause of the smell. When you have verified that nothing is on fire, you should check the heating system. If the smell is coming from your heater, it means your fan is faulty or overheating. Do not take any chances. Invite a professional to solve the problem, and you avoid unnecessary complications.

Animal Odors Coming From Your Furnace

If you perceive a stench of a dead animal coming from your vents, it is an indication that a rat or some small rodent has died somewhere in ductwork or the building cavity. If the hole is close to your ductwork, your vents will carry the stench to different parts of your home. This odor is unpleasant and inconvenient, so you need to take action immediately. You might try replacing the filter. If this does not work, call in an expert to locate the precise source of the odor and get rid of it.

Natural Gas Systems That Emit A Rotten Egg Smell

natural gas furnaceIf your heating and cooling system are gas-powered, a stench of rotten eggs is a clear danger signal.

This odor probably means you have a gas leak. The right move here is to open all the windows immediately and evacuate the building. Call a representative of your gas company to identify the precise location of the leak and deal with it without delay.

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Sulfur Odor Coming From A Forced Air Heating System

A smell of sulfur or a fresh-struck match is an indication of a mechanical or electrical failure in your heater. This problem may be a result of a short in the circuit board or a related issue. This situation may not be a severe problem, but you cannot afford to take any chances here. As a rule, a small mechanical or electrical problem usually leads to a big one if it is not addressed immediately. Get in touch with an expert, and you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

Final Word

Ignoring unusual odors from your HVAC system is not in your best interest. If you notice any of the smells above, you should contact an expert HVAC company immediately. Doing so is the best way to ensure your safety and that your heating and cooling systems are working correctly.

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