6 Essential Tips to Make Your HVAC Last Longer

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With such a large investment at stake, of course, you want your HVAC to last longer. Your HVAC can be one of the most important pieces in your entire home, especially during sweltering summer months. With proper care, however, you can ensure the longevity and performance of your HVAC for 10 to 20 years. This article discusses how to prolong your HVAC system lifespan.

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6 Tips To Enhance The Lifespan Of Your Heating & Cooling System

1. Quality Heating & Cooling Units

If you purchase high performance, high-quality HVAC equipment, it will last longer by default and manufacturer promise. The parts of these machines are designed to be more resilient to the natural wear and tear of metallic work. High-quality heating and cooling units are often backed by extended warranties as a testament to their longevity. On the opposite side, a unit made with poor quality parts will wear out faster. Make your heater and air conditioner last longer by investing in quality parts when you repair it or purchase it.

2. Schedule HVAC Inspections Regularly

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Like your car, your HVAC benefits from preventive visits from an experienced HVAC technician. Before summer or winter hits, contact your local HVAC provider and schedule an inspection of your heating and air conditioning unit. These inspections are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to mid-summer or mid-winter repairs. You’ll avoid the inconvenience of experiencing your home without conditioned air, and your wallet will appreciate avoiding the HVAC repair fees as well.

3. Replace Dirty Air Filters

You have air filters in select places throughout your house. You need to change the air filters whenever they get dirty, roughly once every three months. Your home might require more frequent filter changes if you have pets that shed fur. Air filters are the first line of defense for your HVAC unit. They filter particles during air intake to keep the materials from clogging up the HVAC unit itself. Your HVAC will last longer if you keep its air intake system clean. Furthermore, yo improve your indoor air quality as well.

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4. Clean Air Vents

Your air vents will get dusty by nature. If your air vents get too clogged, your HVAC unit will work harder to push the air into your house, causing it to wear down faster. Not only is cleaning the air vents essential for your HVAC to function properly, but it also promotes cleaner indoor air quality for your family. Also, proper airflow ensures energy efficiency operation, keeping your home heating and cooling costs as a minimum.


5. Clean The Air Ducts

The passages to and from your HVAC system can become caked with dust and other particles. Dirty and clogged air ducts force your HVAC system to work harder to both intake and deliver conditioned air throughout your home. Your HVAC will last longer if you regularly schedule air duct cleanings. You can easily and cost-effectively offload this task to a home specialist to save time and effort.

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6. Hire a Professional To Clean The Compressor

The HVAC unit itself will need to be cleaned regularly. The compressor can accumulate particles from its surroundings, and these materials can become hard to remove. Without regular cleaning, your unit could suffer from major damage due to restricted airflow and additional work. A professional HVAC technician can help you find an effective cleaning schedule that’s within your budget.


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