FAQ About IAQ: Answers To Your Indoor Air Quality Questions

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The indoor air quality or IAQ is often a neglected aspect of homes and buildings. IAQ is the air’s condition in an enclosed home or building. The quality of the indoor air is essential because it can affect the health and well-being of the people inside the enclosed structure. Poor air quality could aggravate any pre-existing sickness, such as allergies or respiratory illnesses. Therefore, it is good to be aware of the indoor air quality in your home or office.

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Common Indoor Air Quality FAQs

Here are nine indoor air quality FAQ to help you understand its importance to your home:

Why Is Indoor Air Quality Important In My Home?

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Most structures are made to be enclosed, meaning the windows and doors are always closed, and any cracks, holes, or gaps are sealed off. This condition allows the structure to accommodate an HVAC system. Unfortunately, this also means that air pollutants like dust, molds, pollen, and chemical fumes are trapped inside. Prolonged exposure to these pollutants increases the risk of developing contact allergies and respiratory issues, especially among the vulnerable. You can open windows now and then to let fresh air circulate. However, this is not a practical solution.

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How Do Indoor Air Pollutants Find Their Way Into My Home?

Indoor air quality is mostly affected by pollutants made up of tiny particles. Some of these come from the building materials, such as wood, wallboard, and insulation. Humans also shed dead skin cells regularly, while indoor pets can slough off hair, feathers, or scales. Other air pollutants, like pollen, come from outside and are brought in by the wind or carried inside by pets and humans. Contaminants can also persist from indoor sources, like bacteria and viruses.

What Are The Most Dangerous Pollutants That Affect Indoor Air Quality?

The most harmful types of pollutants are chemical substances. Some of these are carbon monoxide, lead particles, asbestos, and radon. Organic pollutants you need to worry about include mold because this can lead to severe health issues when ingested or inhaled.


Where Are Air Pollutants Frequently Found?

Pollutants are generally found in the air. This means that they are likely always present and it is impossible to avoid them completely. There are also a few conditions that make their presence more prevalent, such as high humidity inside your home. Other conditions that encourage pollutants to persist include the state of your bathroom, basement, kitchen, and if you have dirty carpets, appliances, or furniture.

Can’t My HVAC System’s Filters Get Rid Of The Pollutants?

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HVAC units have a reliable air filtration system. This allows them to remove most of the pollutants inside your home. However, you need to maintain your system regularly, and this includes cleaning or replacing the HVAC air filters as often as needed.

What Types Of HVAC Air Filters Should I Use?

The most common types of HVAC filters have high-efficiency particulate air or HEPA, ionizers, activated carbon filters, and UV filters. HEPA filters can catch up to 99.97 percent of the contaminants that might be as small as 0.3 microns. Ionizers electrically charge the air molecules with ions to remove microbes and particulates. Activated carbon filters utilize the process of adsorption to remove particulates from the indoor air. UV filters are where microorganisms pass through ultraviolet rays to eliminate them.

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How Often Do I Have To Change My HVAC Air Filter?

There are a few things that determine how much you need to change or replace your air filters. These are the filter type you have, your home’s size or area, the pollution level, and if you have any pets. As a general rule of thumb, filters should be replaced or cleaned every one to two months. If you have high-quality filters, they can typically last for up to three months before they need replacing. However, keep in mind that every home is different. It is recommended that you check your HVAC filter once a month and replace it as needed.

What Other Products Can I Use To Improve Indoor Air Quality?

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Some IAQ products can be used to improve your home’s indoor air quality. However, their effectiveness will depend on the kind of pollutants you have in your space. For instance, a UV lamp will work best against mold and mildew. This will kill all pathogens so that allergies and other illnesses are prevented. If the problem is dust, pet dander, pollen, or chemical fumes, you should use an air purifier instead. Contact your local, trusted technician to help you determine which IAQ solution will work best for your home.

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Can Household Plants Help Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Yes. Plants like devil’s ivy, Boston fern, spider plants, date palm, peace lily, chrysanthemum, and philodendron help eliminate pollutants in the air through absorption. They help regulate the moisture in the air while also adding to your home’s aesthetics. However, remember that plants also have a limit when it comes to improving your IAQ. Plants are not enough when you live in a severely polluted home with no electrical or mechanical equipment to help get rid of pollutants. It is recommended that you combine plants with a high-quality air purifying system to ensure that you have a clean and safe indoor air quality.



Healthy IAQ is relatively easy to have and maintain. You only need to have your HVAC system maintained regularly. You can also add a piece of equipment to help control the indoor pollutants, such as an air purifier. For any concerns regarding your home’s indoor air quality, talk to a reputable HVAC contractor. They can assist you with anything you need to know to keep your home environment safe and comfortable at all times.

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