Steps To Take When Dealing With A Natural Gas Leak

Shrewsbury NJ Home After A Natural Gas Leak Explosion

Home After A Natural Gas Explosion

Usually, a gas leak refers to a natural gas that leaks through a pipeline. These are especially dangerous because they’re able to cause pressure buildup. When this happens, an explosion may occur which can decimate your home and the entire neighborhood. Additionally, a natural gas leak releases dangerous greenhouse gases into the atmosphere where they’ll affect any local vegetation and much more. In this article, we will discuss common signs of a natural gas leaks, the associated risks, and what you should do when you have a gas leak in your home in Shrewsbury NJ or surrounding areas.

There are many risk factors associated with a gas leak.

When contractors are digging around your home, they could possibly hit a pipeline and cause damage. Recently, old pipelines are a growing problem. This is especially true in the northeastern areas of the United States where some pipe infrastructures are at least a century old.

When pipelines grow older, they start rusting, developing pressure points, and possibly leaking. When this happens in a small space like your basement or inside a utility hole, a small spark from electrical equipment or any other source can wreak havoc. This isn’t something that’s unheard of. Natural gas explosions are commonly discussed on the news and they are something that all homeowners should be familiar with. These explosions destroy properties and lead to fatalities.


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What To Do If There’s A Natural Gas Leak In Your Home

If you think there’s a natural gas leak in your home, make sure you take the following steps:

Evacuate Your Home

Immediately evacuate your home if you think you have a gas leak. You shouldn’t even pause long enough to read information about gas leaks. Instead, you should leave your home immediately then use your smartphone or call from a neighbor’s house to ask for emergency services.

Natural gas is actually odorless. So by the time that you realize it’s affecting you, it may already be too late. When you inhale too much natural gas, you can suffocate. So, leave your home with your pets and dial 911.

The Smell Of Sulfur

rotten egg smell from natural gasMost gas companies understand that there is no true natural gas odor. For this reason, gas companies add a sulfur-smelling additive to natural gas. This gives it a unique smell, which is comparable to rotten eggs. This will give you an idea of when it’s silently creeping into your home. Once you smell sulfur in the air while you’re at home, you’ll know that there’s a natural gas leak.

Use Gas Detectors

A gas detector tells you when there’s an elevated amount of gas within your home.

This is great for anyone who doesn’t have a strong sense of smell. When buying a natural gas detector, make sure that the monitor can also tell you if there’s carbon monoxide in the air. If you’re renting an apartment or a home from a landlord, ask them to buy and install gas and carbon monoxide detectors for you.

Turn Off Your Gas

If you’re close to your home’s gas pipe valve, take a moment to turn it off. However, if you can’t easily access it, simply get out of your home instead. When you evacuate, make sure that you take everyone and all of the pets with you.

Don’t Turn On Electrical Devices

If you believe there’s a gas leak in your home, make sure you don’t turn on any electrical devices.

These can cause a spark. Unfortunately, even the smallest spark can be disastrous when there’s a gas leak. This spark doesn’t have to come from a source that you commonly think of as an electrical device. It can come from things you may not even think of. This includes your doorbell, car, and cell phone. So, never call your local fire department until after you’ve evacuated your home.


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Natural Gas Leak Shrewsbury NJ

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