Tell-Tale Signs of An Overcharged Air Conditioner

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More isn’t always the better option, as too much of anything can sometimes be as bad as too little. This holds true with overcharged air conditioning systems. Processing excess refrigerant can cause damage to cooling units as time passes. They can’t go over their ideal parameters. Otherwise, it lessens equipment lifespan and invites problems. Keep reading to know more about overcharged AC symptoms and the dangers of this problem.

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Tell-Tale Signs of An Overcharged Air Conditioner

The refrigerant is known as the air conditioner’s lifeblood. It carries the heat outside your home, so the indoor temperature gradually decreases with every cycle. Although it may seem like a great idea to add more coolant, this can backfire if you put in more than the amount that the air conditioner can handle.

A certified and experienced HVAC technician must handle a substance as dangerous as a refrigerant. However, amateurs will likely make mistakes when charging refrigerant in a cooling system. Homeowners should know what to look for. Here are common signs you have an overcharged air conditioner:

Soaring Energy Bills

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After utilizing an air conditioner for some time, you will get used to its energy requirements and related expenses. It may fluctuate over time, but only a little. An energy bill that suddenly spikes may mean something is wrong with the air conditioner. Did this occur after work was done on your cooling unit? Consider the possibility that your air conditioner was overcharged.

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Elevated Heat Discharge

HVAC ownership includes HVAC services such as regular maintenance, and trimming foliage around the outdoor unit so there’s good airflow, for example. Use this opportunity to do an equipment check. This component typically generates hot air. However, you may have an overworked system if it feels hotter than usual. Possible reasons behind this issue are excessive refrigerant, dirty air filters, and clogged blowers.

Frozen Air Conditioning Coils

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Sometimes, air conditioners can become extremely cold and cause the coils to freeze. An expert needs to investigate this because it can be confusing for untrained people as both extremes are problematic. Low refrigerant can cause ice to form, but an excessive amount can also do so. The best method to determine the actual cause is to call an HVAC professional.

Noisy Air Conditioner Compressor

It isn’t unusual for a compressor to make a bit of noise. Homeowners quickly get used to the unit’s normal sounds when turning on or off. They also become familiar with its humming during operation. Something isn’t right If your air conditioner makes unusual sounds like loud squealing. This may be because the system has issues with the excessive high-pressure liquid refrigerant.

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Sudden Cooling System Shutdown

Engineers anticipate cooling system dangers when designing it. They put in safety switches that can trigger the system to shut down to avoid damage. Excessive refrigerant can harm the system and activate this response. Have an HVAC technician check your AC to determine the exact cause.

Uneven Air Conditioner Pressure Levels

Excess coolant can cause uneven pressure levels around the cooling unit. It is one of the best signs to look out for. However, ordinary homeowners are not likely to know how to take measurements. Contact your local HVAC technician to check if you think this is the issue your equipment is experiencing. This way, you get a conclusive answer objectively.

How an Air Conditioner Gets Excessive Refrigerant

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Insufficient refrigerant can be easily explained. Your cooling system used to have enough, but leaks slowly drained it. The leaks should be sealed, and the coolant recharged, so it returns to normal. If you have too much refrigerant, problems may begin in the following ways:

  • Faulty Air Conditioner Installation: The problem may have begun at the start. Installing a new system means you depend on trusted HVAC technicians who know what to do. Their work will determine your HVAC unit’s efficiency, performance, and longevity. If they put excessive refrigerant, your cooling system will have many issues.
  • Amateur Air Conditioning Repairs: A few homeowners call on amateurs for repairs to save some money. The results rely on luck as they are less knowledgeable than certified technicians. Some may overcharge the system to finish the refrigerant leak repairs. Keep in mind that only licensed professionals can handle and dispose of refrigerant.
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What Happens When You Have An Overcharged Air Conditioner

Here are some consequences that will happen if you have an overcharged air conditioning system:

  • Poor AC Performance & Efficiency: An overcharged cooling system may make you unhappy with its performance. Its cooling ability will drop, which can be frustrating during the hot and humid months. The system will have to work harder to convert all the refrigerant from gas to liquid and vice versa. There will be a significant decrease in efficiency until this is corrected.
  • Faulty Valves & Connecting Rods: Some of the excess refrigerants may get into the cylinders while still in their liquid state. As a result, the valves may become damaged because these aren’t designed to deal with this issue. It can also cause faulty connecting rods. Certified HVAC technicians should check the problem immediately, or else it may worsen.
  • Air Conditioner Compressor Motor Burnout: Some liquid refrigerant can leak into the crankcase and mix with the oil. As a result, the crankcase pressure will shoot up. The compressor motor cannot handle this stress for too long. The engine will eventually burn out and stop operating. You will have no choice but to get an air conditioning replacement when this happens.


What a Homeowner Should Do

It is dangerous to have an overcharged air conditioning unit. If you suspect your cooling unit has this problem, turn it off immediately and call an experienced HVAC technician for help. A certified technician will know how to calculate the correct refrigerant level and resolve the issue. The right solutions will be applied to damaged areas so your system can return to normal quickly.

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Homeowners should not take shortcuts when it comes to air conditioner installations and repairs. You may spend less when you hire an amateur technician, but their unpolished work may cause problems in the future. They will likely overcharge your air conditioner, so you must hire professionals to resolve the mess. Go to a certified technician from the start to prevent headaches and enjoy hassle-free ownership.

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